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Sunday September 23rd, 2018 night edition

image for Slave labor found at Starbucks-certified Brazil coffee plantation

Brazil Labor Ministry investigators have raided the Córrego das Almas farm in Piumhi, in rural Minas Gerais state, and rescued 18 workers who were laboring on coffee plantations in conditions analogous to slavery.

The farm also holds the UTZ seal, a Netherlands-based sustainable farming certificate prized by the coffee industry.

“No slave or forced labor is allowed,” reads one of several signs that display international certifications — including one linked to the U.S.-based company Starbucks corporation.

But investigators have found that laborers on the farm’s coffee plantations were working under degrading conditions and living in substandard housing without sewerage or drinking water.

A Ministry of Labor team inspection conducted at the site rescued 18 rural workers in conditions analogous to slavery.

The certifiers verify commodity supply chains in order to assure ethical purchases, good labor practices, and other criteria required by Starbucks and other retailers.

The Fartura Farm is currently caring for 3 million coffee trees, while also raising so, and cattle; it has 151 employees. »

Adani coalmine: most Queenslanders want water licence revoked, poll finds

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Queenslanders overwhelmingly want the state government to cancel the Adani mining company’s 60-year unlimited water extraction licence amid growing concern about the severity of the drought.

Almost 70% of all voters agreed the licence, to extract groundwater for the Carmichael coalmine, should be revoked to safeguard water for farmers.

Adani's rail line cut shows project is on life support but still a threat to climate | John Quiggin Read more. »

Canadian politician says a family can eat on $75 a week

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A Canadian political leader has been caught in a dangerous election campaign trap: not knowing the cost of groceries.

Quebec Liberal leader Phillipe Couillard told a radio station this week that a family of three could eat for a week on C$75 ($57; £45).

Various estimates suggest families spend anywhere from a low of $140 a week to roughly $230 a week on food. »

Followup: [CO] A boy with an intellectual disability attempted to kiss my stepdaughter in class when he became "excited". : legaladvice

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I don't think the the specifics are super important but in the end we asked "perhaps seating be rearranged".

The teacher decided to announce to the class that our daughter was "afraid" of the boy and moved her to a desk next to her desk.

The vindictive part of me almost wants to pursue the assault charges just to teach these assholes a lesson. »

TIL Daniel Craig credited the Austin Powers films with the serious tone of modern Bond films saying that they made it "impossible to do the gags" and "we had to destroy the myth because Mike Myers fucked us."

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In an interview extract from MI6 Confidential magazine, Daniel Craig teases what could be coming in Bond 24.

Back in October 2012, MI6 sat down with Daniel Craig to talk about the new James Bond film, 'Skyfall'.

Get notified of breaking Bond news, and digests of recently releases features: There was a problem processing your request. »