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Sunday September 23rd, 2018 evening edition

image for “Unadoptable” shelter cats get second chance at life by chasing mice – Cats.Club

These once homeless, unemployed cats are now gainfully employed as full-time, all-natural pest control for businesses and homeowners all across the US.

According to Humane Animal Rescue’s Blue Collar Cats program, these mouse-hunting purrfessionals are “the perfect new hire for wherever pests interfere with your inventory.

Cats produce a chemical signal that terrifies mice; their smell literally acts as a mouse deterrent, making them particularly effective and all-natural pest control.

But what happens to these “unadoptable” cats when they aren’t part of a TNR program or can’t find forever homes?

Unfortunately, with shelters often overrun with more adoptable homeless cats, euthanasia is often the fate of these “less-than-ideal” pets.

This symbiotic relationship provides these normally “unadoptable” cats with a home, food and positive interaction with humans.

In many cases, this positive socialization leads to the cats enjoying their safe environments and becoming affectionate mascots for the companies they protect from mice. »

Ticketmaster facing class action lawsuits over ticket resales

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Regina-based class action firm Merchant Law Group LLP, which already has a class action filed against Ticketmaster alleging inflated ticket prices, has confirmed it intends to expand that claim to include Star/CBC reporting, captured on hidden cameras, that Ticketmaster actively recruits scalpers to resell its tickets through its TradeDesk “professional reseller program.”.

Class action lawsuits in Canada and the U.S. are in the works against Ticketmaster — the world’s largest ticket seller, with a virtual monopoly on major events across North America — following a Toronto Star/CBC investigation that revealed new details about the company’s selling techniques.

After reading the Star/CBC stories, Torontonian Lyne McMurchie signed on to the class action on the Merchant Law website, still smarting from her experience with Ticketmaster earlier this year. »

DNA from seized elephant ivory unmasks 3 big trafficking cartels in Africa

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Identifying matching elephant DNA in different shipments of tusks can help scientific sleuths connect the shipments to the same ivory trafficking cartel, a new study finds.

That technique has already revealed the presence of three major interconnected cartels that are active in Africa, researchers report September 19 in Science Advances.

Elephant poachers kill as many as 40,000 elephants each year as part of an international, illicit ivory industry worth billions. »

Followup: [CO] A boy with an intellectual disability attempted to kiss my stepdaughter in class when he became "excited". : legaladvice

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I don't think the the specifics are super important but in the end we asked "perhaps seating be rearranged".

The teacher decided to announce to the class that our daughter was "afraid" of the boy and moved her to a desk next to her desk.

The vindictive part of me almost wants to pursue the assault charges just to teach these assholes a lesson. »