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Thursday September 20th, 2018 evening edition

image for A failure of parents to transmit religion to their children could be driving the rise of nonreligion

A failure of parents to transmit religion to their children could be driving the rise of nonreligion.

The number of so-called “nones” — individuals who do not identify with any organized religion — is rapidly growing in the United States.

New research suggests that this trend could be driven, at least in part, by a disconnection between parents and their children.

The study, published in the journal Psychology of Religion and Spirituality, found a large gap between the religiousness of parents and their teenage children.

The obvious reason was that no one had done anything like that before.

The Nonreligious-Nonspiritual Scale (NRNSS) measures secularity along two spectrums: from nonreligious to highly religious and from nonspiritual to highly spiritual.

The study, “Religious/secular distance: How far apart are teenagers and their parents? »

Ticketmaster partners with scalpers to rip you off, two undercover reporters say

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In July, reporters from the publications went undercover at an industry convention called Ticket Summit in Las Vegas.

"I have brokers that have literally a couple of hundred accounts," a Ticketmaster sales representative told the reporters, according to CBC.

Ticketmaster executives have said resellers are a problem, and that it uses its Verified Fan algorithm on popular shows to determine whether to sell someone a ticket. »

Georgetown Students Help Free Prisoner Wrongfully Convicted Of Murder

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“The Georgetown students made me a believer that anything is possible – and that justice can be done,” Dixon said after learning about his release.

“They understood that this wasn’t just a class activity or school project, but a real attempt to save a wrongfully convicted man’s life.

At a public event at Georgetown on April 30, students from Howard and Tankleff’s course unveiled a series of powerful short documentaries telling the stories of four wrongfully convicted men, including Dixon. »

'Game of Thrones' Author George R.R. Martin Says New Book Will Be "Very Complex"

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"I wish I'd been done four years ago, but I'm slow," the writer says of 'The Winds of Winter.'.

Game of Thrones' George R.R. Martin — still writing his sixth book (out of seven) despite the HBO show surpassing his previously published plots — told THR that he skipped final-season set visits.

Martin, 70, whose Fire and Blood prequel drops Nov. 20, was spotted partying well past midnight. »

Canadian officials are mulling an attack on U.S. pharma, says Ottawa lawyer

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The plan would target valuable U.S. patents, granting Canada’s generic pharmaceutical firms the right to copy, sell and potentially export American drugs.

“Canadian officials are aware of and studying the proposal in case the United States decides to impose a major retaliation on Canada,” he told Yahoo Canada Finance on Tuesday.

Attaran said a threat by Canada to suspend U.S. patents on Canadian soil would be impossible for those companies to ignore. »