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Thursday September 20th, 2018 day edition

image for Ticketmaster partners with scalpers to rip you off, two undercover reporters say

Ticketmaster is reportedly recruiting professional scalpers in order to get more money from customers and expand its resale business, according to undercover investigations by CBC News and The Toronto Star published Wednesday.

In July, reporters from the publications went undercover at an industry convention called Ticket Summit in Las Vegas.

Ticketmaster representatives told the journalists that its resale division doesn't report scalpers who use bots and fake identities to buy several tickets and resell them at a higher price on the site.

"I have brokers that have literally a couple of hundred accounts," a Ticketmaster sales representative told the reporters, according to CBC.

Within the last year, Ticketmaster created a ticket sales tool called TradeDesk, which reportedly lets scalpers upload the tickets they buy from the company's site and quickly put them up for resale.

Ticketmaster's terms of use say customers can't "order a number of tickets for an event that exceeds the stated limit for that event."

Ticketmaster executives have said resellers are a problem, and that it uses its Verified Fan algorithm on popular shows to determine whether to sell someone a ticket. »

Sir Peter Jackson may testify against Harvey Weinstein in Ashley Judd case

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Sir Peter Jackson may testify against Harvey Weinstein in Ashley Judd case.

Kiwi director Sir Peter Jackson has spoken with the legal team of Hollywood actress Ashley Judd regarding her defamation and sexual harassment civil case against movie producer Harvey Weinstein.

CHRISTOPHER POLK/GETTY Ashley Judd claims Harvey Weinstein's words to Peter Jackson cost her a key role in the Lord of the Rings. »

Puerto Rico governor asks Trump to consider statehood

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Rosselló, who campaigned on the promise of promoting statehood, wrote to Trump that the Federal Emergency Management Agency's bureaucratic processes — in which Puerto Rico has no say — have slowed disaster recovery.

"[T]he only way for U.S. citizens from Puerto Rico to vote in such an election and be counted is to leave Puerto Rico.

"Statehood for Puerto Rico is not only about realizing Puerto Rico’s full potential. »

Georgetown Students Help Free Prisoner Wrongfully Convicted Of Murder

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“The Georgetown students made me a believer that anything is possible – and that justice can be done,” Dixon said after learning about his release.

“They understood that this wasn’t just a class activity or school project, but a real attempt to save a wrongfully convicted man’s life.

At a public event at Georgetown on April 30, students from Howard and Tankleff’s course unveiled a series of powerful short documentaries telling the stories of four wrongfully convicted men, including Dixon. »

Police searching for mannequin in river during drill find actual body

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WARWICK, R.I. — A police dive team searching for a mannequin hidden in the Pawtuxet River as part of a body-recovery drill on Wednesday instead found an actual human body, authorities said.

The team found a man's body under the bridge in Pawtuxet Village, said Warwick's police chief, Col. Stephen M. McCartney.

News of the discovery broke when the Cranston police said they were assisting the Warwick police with a report of a body found in the Pawtuxet River near Narragansett Parkway. »