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Wednesday September 19th, 2018 evening edition

image for The exoplanet that could be Spock’s home world

A super-Earth orbits the star named by Star Trek ’s creator as the host of the planet Vulcan.

Astronomers have discovered a planet twice the size of Earth orbiting the nearby star 40 Eridani — precisely where Star Trek character Spock’s home planet Vulcan supposedly lies.

That star, known as HD 26965 or 40 Eridani, is roughly the same age as the Sun, but slightly cooler and less massive.

Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry wrote in 1991 that 40 Eridani is Vulcan’s home star.

40 Eridani is a triple star system, and the newfound planet orbits the system’s primary star, just as Vulcan purportedly does.

At 5 parsecs (about 16 light years) from Earth, the star is bright enough to be seen with the naked eye.

However, it is a little too close to its star for life as we know it to prosper. »

Loot boxes are "psychologically akin to gambling", according to Australian study

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Loot boxes in games could lead to problem gambling, according to a study by the Australian Environment and Communications Reference Committee.

Participants who suffered a serious gambling problem were more likely to spend money on loot boxes, the study found.

The report suggests that loot boxes could act as a gateway to problem gambling, noting that loot boxes share "important characteristics" with problem gambling. »

Tennis Champion Naomi Osaka’s $8.5M Adidas Deal Biggest Ever for a Woman

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The 20-year-old athlete will reportedly sign an $8.5 million endorsement deal with Adidas.

Although the deal is the biggest ever from Adidas to be offered to a female athlete, it’s still less than deals Adidas has made with male athletes.

Fresh off her stunning U.S. Open win, 20-year-old tennis phenom Naomi Osaka is reportedly about to sign an $8.5 million endorsement contract with Adidas, according to SB Nation. »

Michael Jordan donates $2 million for Florence relief and recovery aid

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(CNN) Michael Jordan, who grew up in Wilmington, North Carolina, close to where Florence came ashore as a Category 1 hurricane, has donated $2 million to relief and recovery agencies.

"You gotta take care of home," he told the Charlotte Observer on Tuesday when the team announced his personal donations.

Jordan's family moved to Wilmington when he was a child, and he went to Laney High School before attending the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. »

Eighth Amendment repealed as Irish President signs bill into law

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The Eighth Amendment which effectively banned abortion in the Republic of Ireland has been formally repealed.

One group said it was already making plans to protest outside abortion clinics when they eventually open in Ireland.

From October, Northern Ireland will be the only part of the British Isles with an almost blanket ban on terminations. »