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Sunday September 16th, 2018 evening edition

image for Drought-stricken farmers challenge Coalition's climate change stance in TV ad

‘We need to stick to the Paris agreement, we need to stop burning coal and we need to commit to more renewable energy,’ Longreach farmer says.

Those two sentences are the opening lines to a new advertisement challenging the federal government’s stance on climate change and the drought in Australia’s eastern states.

Scott Morrison needs a plan to cut emissions but all he has is a fairytale | Katharine Murphy Read more.

In the clip, she calls for “politicians to stop dancing around the issue and help us to do something about this”.

“We need to stick to the Paris agreement, we need to stop burning coal and we need to commit to more renewable energy,” she says.

Last week hundreds of farmers and their supporters rallied outside Parliament House in Canberra demanding action on climate change.

Brown said she had become increasingly disappointed at Canberra’s unwillingness to discuss the current drought in the context of climate change. »

This South African cave stone may bear the world’s oldest drawing

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A red, crosshatched design adorning a rock from a South African cave may take the prize as the oldest known drawing.

Until now, the earliest drawings dated to roughly 40,000 years ago on cave walls in Europe and Indonesia.

His team noticed the ancient drawing while examining thousands of stone fragments and tools excavated in 2011 from cave sediment. »

Why Your Dog's Paws Smell Gloriously Like Corn Chips

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You probably don't go around smelling your dog's feet all the time, but if you did, the odor might remind you of something ... crunchy.

As it turns out, there are many dogs of all breeds and sizes whose feet smell like corn chips.

In particular, the nooks and crannies of dog paws pick up actinobacteria from soil, where the bacteria lives and multiplies. »

Why 95.8% of Female Newscasters Have the Same Hair

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“I remember sitting at my desk in Arkansas and Googling ‘short anchor hair,’ and seeing what came up,” she said.

The longstanding homogeneity of on-air hair, from Topeka, Kansas to Trenton, New Jersey — reporters and industry veterans say — is by design.

She swapped the dresses and heels for jeans and sneakers and cropped her hair into a curly, more androgynous style. »