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Sunday September 16th, 2018 day edition

image for This South African cave stone may bear the world’s oldest drawing

A red, crosshatched design adorning a rock from a South African cave may take the prize as the oldest known drawing.

Ancient humans sketched the line pattern around 73,000 years ago by running a chunk of pigment across a smoothed section of stone in Blombos Cave, scientists say.

Until now, the earliest drawings dated to roughly 40,000 years ago on cave walls in Europe and Indonesia.

His team noticed the ancient drawing while examining thousands of stone fragments and tools excavated in 2011 from cave sediment.

Microscopic and chemical analyses showed that the lines were composed of a reddish, earthy pigment known as ocher.

Previous evidence also suggested that ancient humans at the cave used pigment as a glue ingredient and possibly as a sunscreen.

“It is likely that further evidence for early symbolic behavior will be found in the very near future. »

Wasteland: Tokyo grows on its own trash

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The island is composed of ash from incinerated trash, pulverized nonburnable trash and processed sewage sludge, along with real soil.

One corner of this oasis of trash that’s already nearing completion is Umi no Mori (Groves on the Ocean).

In the Edo Period (1603-1868), before the era of mass production, Japanese people recycled much of what they used. »

Prosecutor: Border Patrol agent charged with murdering 4 women

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Ortiz, a 10-year Border Patrol veteran, was arrested early Saturday after the fifth woman escaped and found a state trooper.

Alaniz told The Texas Tribune that after Ortiz picked up the fifth woman she quickly realized that she was in danger.

"When she tried to escape from him at a gas station that's when she ran into a (state) trooper," Alaniz said. »

Ajit Pai seems really upset about the California net neutrality bill that passed with bipartisan support

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Ajit Pai seems really upset about the California net neutrality bill that passed with bipartisan support.

Yesterday, FCC chairman Ajit Pai spoke at an event where he ranted about SB 822, the California bill that rebukes his repeal of net neutrality, which passed the state legislature with overwhelming bipartisan support.

But the bill was restored and eventually passed after massive public outcry and the threat of crowdfunded billboards targeting legislators that tried to water it down. »

3 Signs You Started as a Girl!

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You have a set of male or female sex chromosomes, but the distinction doesn’t kick in until your hormones enter the picture, he explains.

“Without production of these hormones, men don’t lactate, although they definitely could in the presence of these important hormones,” Bribiescas adds.

When male hormones enter the picture, though, the tissue is fused together, leaving a scar that runs from your anus, over your scrotum and up the penis. »