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Sunday September 9th, 2018 morning edition

image for He spent 27 years wrongly convicted of murder. He wants to spend the rest encouraging inmates to read

And he was threatening me, telling me that I was never coming home if I wouldn't tell him what he wanted to know.

Bunn knew Hargrave "from the block," although he and the older boy were never more than acquaintances.

John Bunn, 14, right, and Rosean Hargrove, 17, arrested at the 77th Precinct in Brooklyn in August 1991.

Bunn's eyes fill with tears as he describes the moment he was placed in a police lineup with "grown men."

As an adult, Bunn, a slight man with a gentle disposition and a shy smile, stands only 5 feet 6 inches.

He was so much smaller than the adults he was lined up with that the detectives had to improvise.

A 2005 photo of the Bridges Juvenile Center, where John Bunn spent nearly a year and a half awaiting trial. »

Doctors said the coma patients would never wake. AI said they would - and they did

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At least seven patients in Beijing who doctors said had “no hope” of regaining consciousness were re-evaluated by an artificial intelligence system that predicted they would awaken within a year.

After going through his brain scans, however, the computer gave him more than 20 points, close to the full score.

A 36-year-old man who suffered bilateral brainstem damage after a stroke was given low scores by both doctors and AI. »

Antidepressants may cause antibiotic resistance

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A key ingredient in common antidepressants such as Prozac could be causing antibiotic resistance according to new University of Queensland research.

Dr Guo said while overuse and misuse of antibiotics is generally considered the major factor contributing to the creation of ‘superbugs', researchers were often unaware that non-antibiotic pharmaceuticals could also cause antibiotic resistance.

“Our previous study reported that triclosan, a common ingredient in toothpaste and hand wash can directly induce antibiotic resistance,” he said. »

The Flash of Genius

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Between 1950 and 1975, three out of every four patents in the circuit courts were ruled invalid or not infringed.

The boom in intellectual property has been good for the Patent Office; patents are its principal source of income.

Last year, the Patent Office took in two hundred and forty-five million dollars from patent and trademark fees, its best year ever. »

A year later, Equifax lost your data but faced little fallout

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A year later, Equifax lost your data but faced little fallout Equifax is financially stable and legally in the clear, but lawmakers aren't backing down.

Names, addresses, Social Security numbers and more — and millions more driver license and credit card numbers were stolen in the breach.

Equifax declined to make either executive available for interview or comment when reached by TechCrunch, but Equifax spokesperson Wyatt Jefferies said protecting customer data is the company’s “top priority.”. »