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Friday September 7th, 2018 evening edition

image for Jay Leno Is Worth $350 Million and Owns 181 Cars But Says He Still Lives Like Someone Who’s on Their Last Dime

The realtor would leave and lock the door, and now I had a place to stay.

In fact, where I got my [Walk of Fame] star was where the cops picked me up.

They’d put you in the back of the car, and they’d drive you around their entire shift, and then let you out in the morning.

I would tell the cops jokes, and most of the cops are pretty blue-collar guys.

Once they realized you’re not dangerous, you’re not a crazy person… “You find a place to live yet?

I grew up in Andover, Massachusetts, which was a pretty rural area when I was a kid.

Back then, it was seen as not a bad thing—it taught you how to fix cars and get things running. »

In-N-Out managers make $160,000 per year

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CLOSE The West Coast burger sensation In-N-Out pays store managers an average yearly salary of more than $160,000.

But In-N-Out, the cult favorite fast food chain, sees its store managers earning over $160,000 on average.

“In-N-Out is just eons above everybody else,” Saru Jayaraman, director of UC Berkeley Food Research Center, told the California Sun. »

How a shampoo bottle is saving young lives

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Last year 920,000 children under the age of five died of pneumonia, making it the leading killer of people in that age group.

This figure is falling (in 2011 it was 1.2m), but it still represents 16% of all infant deaths.

The hospital now deploys it routinely and the number of children who die there from pneumonia has fallen by three-quarters. »

Trudeau to apologize Nov. 7 for 1939 decision to turn away Jewish refugees fleeing Nazis

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On November 7, the Liberal government will officially apologize for the 1939 decision to turn away the MS St. Louis, a ship carrying 907 German Jews fleeing the Nazi regime.

In 1939, the MS St. Louis left Germany carrying 907 Jewish passengers fleeing persecution by the Nazi regime.

From 1933 to 1945, only about 5,000 Jewish refugees were accepted because of what Trudeau called "our discriminatory, 'none is too many' immigration policy.". »