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Thursday September 6th, 2018 morning edition

image for Canada-U.S. deal could come by the weekend, Trump and Mexican official hint, as Trudeau digs in

Trudeau, who has usually taken pains to avoid criticizing Trump, argued that Trump’s behaviour makes it especially important for Canada that any deal include an independent dispute resolution system.

“We need to keep the Chapter 19 dispute resolution because that ensures that the rules are actually followed.

And we know we have a president who doesn’t always follow the rules as they’re laid out,” Trudeau told Edmonton’s 630 CHED radio.

He suggested that he was optimistic about the talks, hinting that there could be a deal by the weekend.

“A lot of people are saying, ‘How are you doing with Canada?’ We’ll let you know.

Trump added, though, that it would be fine for the U.S. and “won’t be fine for Canada” if no deal were reached.

Trudeau said the exemption is needed to allow Canada to block American companies from trying to take over Canadian media entities. »

Banker picks up college tuition for entire school class ... AGAIN!

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Luck Public Schools Superintendent Cory Hinkel told the students about Frandsen's generous gesture during an assembly Tuesday on the first day of school.

Last year KARE 11's Boyd Huppert profiled Frandsen after he made the same offer to the 59-member graduating class at Rush City High School.

“I thought it was the right thing to do,” Frandsen told Boyd in the installment of "Land of 10,000 Stories." »

US trade deficit jumps by the most in 3 years

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Data for June was revised to show the trade deficit rising to $45.7 billion, instead of the previously reported $46.3 billion.

The politically sensitive goods trade deficit with China surged 10 percent to a record $36.8 billion.

Economists polled by Reuters had forecast the overall trade deficit swelling to $50.3 billion in July. »

Roy Moore suing Sacha Baron Cohen for defamation over TV sketch mocking him

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Roy Moore, the former U.S. Senate candidate from Alabama, filed a $95 million US lawsuit Wednesday, accusing Sacha Baron Cohen of defamation for duping him into appearing on the actor's Who Is America?

Moore, a Republican and former chief justice of Alabama's Supreme Court, also brought defamation claims against Showtime and its parent, CBS Corp., over a sketch broadcast on July 29 that appeared to portray him as a sex offender.

Moore has filed a defamation lawsuit against Sacha Baron Cohen, pictured, over an episode of the comedian's new television series that aired in July. »

Jupiter’s magnetic field is surprisingly weird

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If Earth’s magnetic field resembles that of a bar magnet, Jupiter’s field looks like someone took a bar magnet, bent it in half and splayed it at both ends.

“We were baffled” at the finding, says study coauthor Kimberly Moore, a graduate student at Harvard University.

The new look at Jupiter’s magnetic field comes courtesy of NASA’s Juno spacecraft, which has been orbiting the planet since July 2016 (SN: 6/25/16, p. 16). »