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Monday September 3rd, 2018 day edition

image for Denied medical care while detoxing, Texas woman died in a rural Nevada jail

Anjeanette Damon, [email protected] Kelly Coltrain sits in a cell at the Mineral County Jail in Hawthorne.

Locked away in the Mineral County Jail for failing to take care of her traffic tickets, 27-year-old Kelly Coltrain asked to go to the hospital.

The investigators also asked the Mineral County District Attorney to consider criminal charges in the case, after finding evidence the Mineral County Sheriff's Office may have violated state laws prohibiting inhumane treatment of prisoners and using one's official authority for oppression.

To avoid a conflict of interest, the investigation was forwarded to Lyon County District Attorney Stephen Rye for review.

Mineral County is a tiny rural county southeast of Washoe County.

Because she had failed to take care of previous traffic violations in Clark County, the officer who stopped her decided to book her into the Mineral County Jail.

Keyser-Cooper, however, believes policies and training are less than adequate at the Mineral County Jail. »

Massive fire tears through Rio's 200-year old National Museum

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A fire burns at the National Museum of Brazil in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil September 2, 2018.

The museum, which is tied to the Rio de Janeiro federal university and the education ministry, was founded in 1818.

The museum had suffered from years of neglect under numerous governments, the institution’s vice-director the Globo TV network on Sunday night. »

which one wins in a fight to the death?

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To answer that question, called Mark Harvey, Head of the Department of Terrestrial Zoology at the Western Australian Museum.

While the gangly spider is harmless to humans, the tables turn somewhat if you happen to be a Redback.

But even the Redback, he said, had a fairly slow-acting venom that could be treated by an antivenene. »

New Experimental Painkiller Is Like Stronger Morphine Without the Addiction

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Now, a team of researchers publishing in Science Translational Medicine says that’s exactly what they have — a new, highly effective painkiller that doesn’t have any apparent addictive qualities.

Traditional painkillers bind only mu receptors, which are located on neurons throughout the brain and spinal cord, Ko says.

Nociception receptors, however, counteract some of the effects of mu receptors — crucially, the experience of pleasure that eventually leads to addiction in the brain. »

SUNDAY EDITION | DUI arrests cut in half since ride-sharing began in Louisville

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Louisville Metro Police made nearly 2,700 DUI arrests in 2013, the last full year before Uber and Lyft began operating here.

O’Connell also mentioned the shifting of police resources as a possible reason for the decline in DUI arrests.

There have been several studies done on the relationship between ride-sharing and DUI arrests, with differing results, often depending upon the city. »