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Saturday September 1st, 2018 day edition

image for Eating in 10-hour window can override disease-causing genetic defects, nurture health

Eating in 10-hour window can override disease-causing genetic defects, nurture health.

Salk scientists discover that periods of fasting can protect against obesity and diabetes.

“But restricting food intake to 10 hours a day, and fasting the rest, can lead to better health, regardless of our biological clock.”.

Every cell in mammals’ bodies operates on a 24-hour cycle known as the circadian rhythm—cellular cycles that govern when various genes are active.

But these same mice, when restricted to the high-fat diet for a daily 8- to 10-hour window became lean, fit and healthy.

The genetic defects in these clock-less mice make them prone to obesity, diabetes, fatty liver disease and elevated blood cholesterol.

This internal timing strikes a balance between sufficient nutrition during the fed state and necessary repair or rejuvenation during fasting. »

Ashton Kutcher Helps Save 6,000 Kids from Sex Trafficking Via His Organization with Demi Moore

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It also created a Technology Task Force — a group of more than 25 technology companies (including Google, Facebook and Microsoft) that work on software to fight child sexual exploitation.

Kutcher started the organization, previously known as DNA Foundation, with Moore in 2009 to deter the sexual exploitation of children.

“What we do at our core is we build technology to help fight sexual exploitation of children,” Kutcher explained. »

California passes strongest net neutrality law in the country

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California’s legislature has approved a bill being called the strongest net neutrality law in the US.

There’s already one clear obstacle: the FCC made a rule prohibiting states from creating net neutrality laws.

Several other states have taken action on net neutrality, but most have done so through executive orders or laws that skirt the FCC’s prohibition. »

Logged off: meet the teens who refuse to use social media

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One 2017 survey of British schoolchildren found that 63% would be happy if social media had never been invented.

When it comes to Gen Z’s relationship to social media, “significant cracks are beginning to show”, says the firm’s Lesley Bielby.

As the first generation to grow up online, Gen Z never had to learn social media, or at least not exactly. »

Manafort associate paid Trump inauguration $50,000 in Ukrainian cash

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A Republican political consultant linked to Paul Manafort and Cambridge Analytica has admitted to funneling $50,000 from a Ukrainian oligarch to Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration committee.

How heartening to see a still robust US constitution as the net closes on Trump | Michael Goldfarb Read more.

Patten, 47, admitted causing the Ukrainian funds to be paid to the inauguration committee, and to lying to a Senate committee investigating Russian interference in an attempt to cover this up. »