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Tuesday August 28th, 2018 night edition

image for An exclusive look inside the world's most expensive school, where tuition fees are more than £87,000 a year

Both Laurent and his older sister graduated from Le Rosey — he spent five years at the school, while she studied for three.

This is the main campus of Institut Le Rosey, the most expensive school in the world.

Tuition is 108,900 Swiss francs (about £87,300), though just about everything — excluding school trips but including pocket money administered by the staff — is included.

The Château du Rosey, below, was built in the 14th century, and the school was founded in 1880.

Then, after Christmas, they head to a campus in the quaint town of Gstaad — a tradition for Le Rosey since 1916.

There are currently 400 students between the ages of 8 and 18 at Le Rosey.

After lunch, classes resume at 1.30 until 3.30 p.m. With 150 teachers at Le Rosey, the average class has fewer than 10 students. »

Trump news: Google is failing to show enough good stories and could be prosecuted for making me look bad, says president in latest attack on media

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Donald Trump has accused Google of rigging its search results to make him look bad.

People who search for the latest news about the president are in fact being shown intentionally damaging stories, he claimed.

Results are also influenced by previous browsing and search history, and that may be happening to the president. »

25 Beautiful Girl Names Nobody Has Used (Yet)

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These names are so unique that they are bound to have everyone talking and asking where parents thought of these names.

We have found 25 of the most beautiful names for little girls that no one has ever used or heard of, until now.

She won the Nobel prize, not once but twice and was the first female professor at the University of Paris. »

Countering the Achievement Society

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In this reflection, I will first briefly describe some of the context contributing to fatigue and burnout in today’s students.

"I have concluded that many university students today do not experience much desire, pleasure, or joy in relation to their studies.

Rather, they report being consumed with stress, economic and social anxiety, and fatigue in the face of countless and growing demands.". »