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Sunday August 26th, 2018 evening edition

image for Irish PM: time to move Catholic church from centre of society

The Irish prime minister has called for a new relationship between church and state in which religion is no longer at the centre of society, as the pope made his first visit to Ireland this weekend.

On Saturday evening, the pope spent more than an hour meeting privately with eight survivors of abuse committed by clerics or church institutions.

In a statement, the survivors said Francis “condemned corruption and cover up within the church as ‘caca’.

“The failures of both church and state, and wider society, created a bitter and broken heritage for so many, leaving a legacy of pain and suffering.

Child sexual abuse, the Magdalene Laundries, mother and baby homes and illegal adoptions were “stains on our state, our society and also the Catholic church.

“I was raised Catholic, married in church and all that craic.

My sympathies are with the people who suffered at the hands of the church, but I also think there is good there. »

Verizon, instead of apologizing, we have a better idea --stop throttling

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When a California fire department spoke out this week about getting "throttled" by a wireless carrier, right or wrong the issue of throttling joined the public discussion.

• Switch carriers: T-Mobile and Sprint both say their throttling begins at a more generous 50 GBs of data.

Yes, throttling may save you a few dollars, but it certainly won't win you any friends --lawmakers have already called for hearings on the issue. »

No cow slaughtering in Pakistan’s border district, not under compulsion but respect

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KARACHI: Tharo Khan, a resident of Islamkot town of Tharparkar, bought a goat for sacrifice on Eidul Adha.

While the slaughtering of cows and subsequent lynching of Muslims who are the minority faith in India often makes headlines, in the Pakistani border district of Tharparkar the majority of Muslims opt to not slaughter cows to avoid hurting the feelings of their Hindu fellows.

“Although not prohibited by law, there is an unannounced ban on the slaughter of cow, which is sacred to Hindus. »