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Saturday August 25th, 2018 morning edition

image for NASA Chief Wants to Send Humans to the Moon — 'To Stay'

HOUSTON — Jim Bridenstine wants to make sure that there is never another day when humans are not in space.

"In fact," the NASA administrator said, "we want lots of humans in space.".

Bridenstine thinks NASA should have taken an opportunity to pursue the moon almost a decade ago.

"If you go back to 2009, the United States, through NASA, made a critical discovery, which is the moon has hundreds of billions of tons of water ice.

"From 1969, when we first landed on the moon, up until 2009, a lot of people believed that the moon was bone-dry.

Now, as NASA administrator, Bridenstine is carrying out President Donald Trump's direction of returning astronauts to the moon.

"We need to get to more parts of the moon than we have ever gotten to ever before," he said. »

Couple Couldn't Conceive Because They'd Been Having Sex the Wrong Way for Four Years

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A Chinese married couple—who were desperately trying to conceive—learned they had been having sex the wrong way for four years.

Liu discovered that the couple had mistakenly been having anal intercourse rather than vaginal to conceive.

The protestors held signs that read “Adult videos can’t be our sex education, universities must say yes to sex education” and “We want to enjoy safe sex lives.”. »

John McCain has chosen to discontinue medical treatment for brain cancer, family says

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Sen. John McCain, who was diagnosed with brain cancer last year, has made the decision to discontinue medical treatment, his family said in a statement on Friday.

With his usual strength of will, he has now chosen to discontinue medical treatment," the family of the Arizona Republican said in a statement.

McCain, the 2008 Republican presidential nominee, is a key voice in the Republican Party and an icon of the Senate. »

The True Origins of the Phrase ‘Bleeding-Heart Liberal’

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In one 1938 column, he coined a term for liberals that would eventually come to define conservative scorn for the left.

After that, the phrase was fully ensconced in political short-hand and quickly claimed by liberals as a positive trait.

“Count me with the bleeding heart liberals,” an NAACP lawyer wrote in a letter to the editor. »