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Monday August 20th, 2018 day edition

image for Novak Djokovic Becomes First Tennis Player in History to Win All Four Slams and All Nine Masters

Djokovic played a solid match where he was the better player on serve, while Federer looked shaky and errant at key points in the contest.

In set 2 Federer had an opening going up a break, but he lost his serve two out of the next three service games while Djokovic didn’t face another break point.

Djokovic couldn’t break, but in the next service game he put the finishing touches on his masterpiece Masters title.

Djokovic becomes the first player in ATP history to win all four of the prestigious Grand Slams and all nine of the ATP’s elite Masters Series Events.

Djokovic had previously struggled in Cincinnati and against Federer at the venue, but after his first h2h win here he became a first time champion in Cinci.

Djokovic should head into the US Open now as a co-favorite; he seems fully fit and firing at what looks to be a pivotal time in his career.

Federer grinded out some tough quality wins but he wasn’t at his best in the final when he needed it most. »

GOP leader accuses Twitter of censoring conservatives, finds out his user settings was hiding tweets

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House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy learned something about Twitter this week, and it had nothing to do with the supposed censorship of right-wing users.

The California Republican sent a tweet on Friday complaining that conservatives were being censored on Twitter.

McCarthy clearly wants to prove his conservative bona fides by playing the victim of a social media censoring campaign. »

No more ‘edecanes:’ eye-candy models no longer allowed at Mexico City events

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Attractive, sometimes scantily clad female models who are often employed at events to greet guests or simply to act as eye candy will no longer be allowed at government events in Mexico City.

The decision breaks new ground in a country where entrenched gender stereotypes often continue to relegate women to support roles in the workforce.

“Women have a potential equal to or greater than that of men,” Amieva said. »

Beijing basks in bluest skies in a decade as campaign against smog pays off

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Beijing residents have been breathing some of the cleanest air in a decade as they begin to reap the benefits of China’s anti-smog push.

That’s when Chinese officials ramped up enforcement of policies restricting coal burning in Beijing and surrounding areas.

July pollution levels averaged 44 micrograms of airborne particles per cubic meter, the seventh lowest since recordings began in 2008. »

Study: Sexually fantasizing about one’s partner inhibits relationship-damaging behaviors

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Research addressing the functions of sexual fantasies has mainly focused on variables associated with frequency and content of sexual fantasy.

The results showed that extradyadic fantasizing did not decrease the desire to engage in sex with one’s partner and other relationship-promoting behaviors.

Sexually fantasizing about someone else, by comparison, was not associated with engaging in either relationship-promoting or relationship-damaging behaviors. »