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Saturday August 18th, 2018 morning edition

image for Judge in Paul Manafort trial says he has been threatened and is now under US Marshal protection

Judge T.S. Ellis, the man presiding over the criminal trial of former Trump campaign chief Paul Manafort, said Friday that he has received threats about the case — and now travels with protection from the U.S.

"I had no idea this case would excite these emotions, I can tell you that frankly," Ellis said, as jurors continued their second day of deliberations in U.S. District Court in Alexandria, Virginia.

"I don't feel right if I release their names.".

"I have no reason to believe that if those names are unsealed there won't be threats against them," Ellis said of the jurors, who do not have protection by U.S.

Media outlets including NBC News had requested the names and addresses of the jurors be unsealed.

They also were asking Ellis to unseal discussions Ellis had with prosecutors and defense lawyers outside of the earshot of others in court during Manafort's trial, where he is charged with bank fraud and tax crimes. »

UCR Today: Three Factors Could Explain Physician Burnout

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Andrew G. Alexander and Kenneth A. Ballou in the August 2018 issue of the American Journal of Medicine.

The doctor-patient relationship has been morphed into an insurance company-client relationship that imposes limitations upon the treatment doctors can provide to the insurance company’s members.

Alexander and Ballou compared data from 2011-14 on physician burnout and satisfaction with work-life balance to arrive at their conclusions. »

Colorado is Using $3 Million From Marijuana Tax to Provide Food and Housing for the Homeless

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(Hearty Soul) Colorado is Using $3 Million From Marijuana Tax to Provide Food and Housing for the Homeless :.

In the most recent financial year, ending in June 2016, the state made nearly $70 million.

Aurora, the third largest city in Colorado, will be using over a third of the $4.5 million gained through the ‘weed tax’ to support local not-for-profit homeless organizations. »

A 16-Year-Old Hacked Apple Servers And Stored Data In Folder Named ‘hacky hack hack’

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Apple’s tall claims of keeping your data secured were challenged by an Australian teenager when he repeatedly hacked Apple servers and downloaded 90 GB of ‘secure files.’.

He got the access to “authorized keys” that could grant access to user accounts to anybody and are considered extremely secure.

The story became more interesting when it was found that he saved all the instructions for hacking and the hacked data in a folder named “hacky hack hack.”. »