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Tuesday August 14th, 2018 day edition

image for Saudi Arabia condemns Canada’s appalling human rights record of selling arms to Saudi Arabia

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – In the wake of the diplomatic row over Canada’s support of political prisoners, Saudi Arabia continues to put out press releases and social media statements attacking Canada for its record on indigenous rights, women’s rights and political oppression.

Its latest salvo: blasting Canada for selling arms to violent, autocratic regimes like Saudi Arabia.

“How dare Canada interfere with the domestic affairs of a sovereign state,” said spokesman for the Kingdom Salman Al-Ansari.

“Especially when it is currently sending millions of dollars worth of military equipment to a regime that it knows will use the equipment to brutally crackdown on dissent and political opposition.”.

“Saudi Arabia can recall its diplomat and pull students as it wants.

Nothing, and I mean nothing, will stop our country from issuing vague platitudes about human rights,” said foreign affairs Minister Freeland.

“Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m late for a meeting about selling machine guns to Robert Mugabe. »

No More Mondays. Colorado School District Moves to 4 Day Weeks

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DENVER — A Colorado school district will transition from a five-day week to a four-day week beginning in August.

School District 27J plans to tack on a couple hundred thousand more dollars by not paying for substitute teachers.

While the school district plans on saving money, some parents will have to pay a little more for child care. »

Mangled millipedes can treat threadworm infestations in lemurs

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Fruit flies lay their eggs on fermenting matter that is rich in ethanol, which drives away parasitic wasps.

Louise Peckre of the German Primate Centre, in Göttingen, has found that red-fronted lemurs treat threadworm infestations in the gut and around the anus with millipede juice.

Ms Peckre therefore suspects that her lemurs are employing millipedes in lieu of a trip to the pharmacy. »

Ajit Pai loses in court—FCC can’t kill broadband subsidy in Tribal areas

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A US appeals court has blocked the Federal Communications Commission's attempt to take a broadband subsidy away from Tribal areas.

In rural areas, the FCC vote would have barred Tribal residents from using the $25 subsidy to buy telecom service from resellers.

This would limit availability of the basic $9.25 subsidy both in Tribal areas and in the rest of the US. »