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Wednesday August 1st, 2018 night edition

image for Chefs Guy Fieri and José Andrés join forces to feed thousands affected by California fires

(CNN) As the Carr Fire becomes the seventh most destructive wildfire in California's history, renowned chefs Guy Fieri and José Andrés are doing everything they can to help feed the evacuees and first responders.

"We are just working arm-in-arm with the Salvation Army, local chefs, residents and everybody helping out all of the evacuees.".

In total, these fires have burned more than 280,000 acres, and forced more than 44,000 residents to evacuate.

Two days after Fieri got there, José Andrés' nonprofit, World Central Kitchen , joined him and fellow food first responders, Operation BBQ Relief.

On Tuesday, the World Central Kitchen team handed out lunches and fruit, to some of the emergency crews in Redding, California.

Andrés is not in California, but he has been monitoring the situation and will fly in if needed.

As for Fieri, he takes pride in all the folks who drop everything just to help. »

The Stakes Are High for 'Crazy Rich Asians' — And That's the Point

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Behind one door: Warner Bros., which had outbid other traditional studios with a distribution offer for Crazy Rich Asians a week earlier.

We needed this to be an old-fashioned cinematic experience, not for fans to sit in front of a TV and just press a button."

To have that biggest punch, you want that wide theatrical release where everyone is talking about it.". »

Ex Air Force Secretary: Pentagon Doesn't Want Space Force

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The former Secretary of the Air Force says the military’s top brass doesn’t support President Donald Trump’s plan to create a Space Force.

“None of them are in favor of a Space Force, I say none of the top leaders, but they’re stuck.

Previously, the Air Force had handled the development of defense strategy in space and Air Force generals opposed the move. »

India will abolish all single-use plastic by 2022, vows Narendra Modi

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India’s Prime Minister has pledged to eliminate all single-use plastic in the country by 2022 with an immediate ban in urban Delhi.

“The choices that we make today will define our collective future,” the Prime Minister said.

India has also announced a national marine litter action campaign and a programme to measure how much plastic enters India’s coastal waters. »

Heatwave deaths will rise steadily by 2080 as globe warms up

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Researchers developed a model to estimate the number of deaths related to heatwaves in 412 communities across 20 countries for the period of 2031 to 2080.

Study lead and Monash Associate Professor Yuming Guo said the recent media reports detailing deadly heatwaves around the world highlight the importance of the heatwave study.

"Future heatwaves in particular will be more frequent, more intense and will last much longer," Associate Professor Guo said. »