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Monday July 30th, 2018 evening edition

image for Entire North Carolina police department suspended after arrest of chief, lieutenant

SOUTHPORT, N.C. (WSET) -- An entire police department in North Carolina was put on leave after the department's chief and lieutenant were arrested.

WECT reported that the Southport Police Department's police chief and lieutenant were arrested for allegedly moonlighting as truck drivers while on the clock.

All police operations in the city were suspended after the arrests.

The whole police force is on paid administrative leave.

The District Attorney said Smith and Simmons drove overnight shifts for a trucking company while on the clock.

Allegations show the trucking jobs took them out of the city and county while they were supposed to be on patrol in Southport.

The mayor and city’s board of alderman request the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office to lead law enforcement in Southport until further notice. »

Arnold Schwarzenegger Now Filming New 'Terminator'

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Alongside Linda Hamilton who is reprising her role as Sarah Conner, Arnold Schwarzenegger is coming back to the franchise that helped make him a household name.

And now he's on the set, filming his scenes as - presumably - the T-800 model of the cybernetic killing machines.

The prime minister was appearing at the Climate Action Pacific Partnership conference in country's capital when the video played, in which Schwarzenegger revealed the news. »

‘It’s sobering’: A once-exciting HIV cure strategy fails its test in people

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When Science published a monkey study nearly 2 years ago that showed an anti-inflammatory antibody effectively cured monkeys intentionally infected with the simian form of the AIDS virus, the dramatic results turned many heads.

But some skeptical researchers thought the data looked too good to be true and predicted the intervention wouldn’t work on HIV in humans.

The virus quickly came roaring back in control animals that had only received ARVs and then had that treatment halted. »

Sweden to reach its 2030 renewable energy target this year

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Sweden is on target to meet one of its renewable energy targets years ahead of schedule, and it’s thanks in part to wind turbines.

It has set a target of 50% more efficient energy use by 2030, and 100% renewable energy production by 2040.

As part of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, the EU set a renewable energy directive that sets a binding target of 20% final energy consumption from renewable sources by 2020. »

TSA is tracking regular travelers like terrorists in secret surveillance program

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Air marshals note these observations — minute-by-minute — in two separate reports and send this information back to the TSA.

“If TSA is using proxies for race or religion to single out travelers for surveillance, that could violate the travelers’ constitutional rights.

These revelations raise profound concerns about whether TSA is conducting pervasive surveillance of travelers without any suspicion of actual wrongdoing. »