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Friday July 27th, 2018 morning edition

image for Worms frozen in permafrost for up to 42,000 years come back to life

The roundworms from two areas of Siberia came back to life in Petri dishes, says a new scientific study.

‘We have obtained the first data demonstrating the capability of multicellular organisms for longterm cryobiosis in permafrost deposits of the Arctic,’ states a report from Russian scientists from four institutions in collaboration with Princetown University.

Some 300 prehistoric worms were analysed - and two ‘were shown to contain viable nematodes’.

‘After being defrosted, the nematodes showed signs of life,’ said a report today from Yakutia, the area where the worms were found.

Another was found in permafrost near Alazeya River in 2015, and is around 41,700 years old.

Duvanny Yar and Alazeya river marked on the map, Alazeya River, specialists of the Institite of Psycico-Chemical and Biological Problems and Soil Science in Moscow region.

The worms came back to life in a laboratory at The Institute of Physico-Chemical and Biological Problems of Soil Science in Moscow region. »

Nat Geo hires Jeff Goldblum to walk around, being professionally fascinated by things

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Today we’ve got Pokémon shake-ups, new Wonder Woman buddies, and Jeff Goldblum just kind of walking around, being interested in stuff, so let’s not waste any time:.

First up: The aforementioned Jeff Goldblum show—working title: The Curiosity Of Jeff Goldblum—which has just been green-lit at Nat Geo.

THR reports that Legenday is now partnering with Warner Bros. for U.S. distribution on its upcoming live-action Pokémon movie, Detective Pikachu. »

Two Years After #StarringJohnCho, John Cho Is Finally a Leading Man

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I’m excited,” Cho said of the milestone Wednesday, on the first night of the 41st annual Asian American International Film Festival, opened by a screening of Searching.

Cho, who was not affiliated with the online campaign, appreciated the movement for igniting a conversation about the lack of Asian-American leading roles.

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Papa John sues Papa John's

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John Schnatter, the ousted founder of pizza chain Papa John's, is suing his former company.

Related: Papa John's is worried that Papa John will try to take over the company.

Papa John's has also removed Schnatter from its commercials and marketing materials and kicked him out of office space at its headquarters. »