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Monday July 23rd, 2018 night edition

image for 'Twaddle': librarians respond to suggestion Amazon should replace libraries

Piece in Forbes magazine said libraries ‘don’t have the same value they used to’ and cost taxpayers too much.

Librarians are in uproar after an article in Forbes magazine proposed replacing all public libraries in the US with Amazon bookstores.

“The move would save taxpayers money and enhance the stockholder value of Amazon all in one fell swoop.”.

In Texas, for example, for every $1 of taxpayer money spent on public libraries, public libraries return $4.64 to the economy.”.

Selena Terrazas (@terrazas_selena) My Los Angeles Public Library card allows me access to all you mentioned and more.

Today we offered a genealogy workshop, indigenous writers conference, puppet show, tai chi class and travel craft in one location.

SF Public Library (@SFPublicLibrary) Maybe @Forbes doesn’t like that you can download their magazine free with your #SF library card. »

Systematic review: puberty suppressing drugs do not alleviate gender dysphoria

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The limited evidence that is available provides only “qualified support” for these treatments, the review concludes, and while puberty suppressors have some benefits, they do not actually alleviate gender dysphoria.

Crucially, however, they do not alleviate gender dysphoria (one study even found a trend in the opposite direction and increased negative body image).

Meanwhile, gender affirming treatments and cross-hormonal treatments are successful, to a degree, in achieving the intended physical changes in line with the desired gender. »

German politicians allied against Steve Bannon

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Plans by US far-right figure Steve Bannon to influence the European Parliament's 2019 election have been met with alarm across Germany's political spectrum.

Bannon has become a controversial figure, known for his ties to the campaigns for the UK to leave the European Union and the election of US President Donald Trump.

The pro-business Free Democrats (FDP) had even harsher words for Bannon, calling his plans for Europe "a frontal attack on the EU and European values.". »