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Friday July 20th, 2018 morning edition

image for Jenny McCarthy doesn't know what her Google Home sounds like, assumes it's a ghost

Actress Jenny McCarthy had a bit of a supernatural encounter this week, sort of.

After checking herself out in the mirror in a room she believed to be otherwise unoccupied, she heard a little ditty play.

Noting there was nobody sitting at the nearby piano, the renowned science skeptic proceeded to freak out, calling for her husband to let him know what was going on.

Thankfully, she had a Nest Cam set up in the room, from which she promptly pulled the footage to post online as proof that her house is "HAUNTED!".

Astute viewers recognized the otherworldly tones as the jingle Google Home plays when it starts up.

Apparently Jenny's rebooted itself, and, never having witnessed such an event before, her immediate reaction was to assume it was ghosts. »

Does formula mystery help keep Coke afloat?

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And while its primary competitor, PepsiCo, depends on its snack business to buoy the declining soda sales, Coke announced further investment into its marketing.

In a tough market, one strategy that brand experts credit Coke's relative strength with is the mystery around the much-hyped "secret recipe.".

"A typical consumer would think that it must be a valuable product if they are doing all these things to protect the recipe.". »

Interpol - who controls the world police?

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The forerunner of the present organization was founded nearly a century ago to strengthen cooperation between national police authorities.

With increasing globalization and the associated rise in international organized crime, the challenges for the agency, which now has 192 member-states, have also grown.

When Ronald Noble, an American, became Secretary General of Interpol in 2000, the world's largest police organization underwent a dramatic turnaround. »

Does legal weed make police more effective?

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The Washington State study examined clearance rates for crimes in Colorado and Washington from 2010 through 2015, using monthly FBI data.

The chart above shows violent crime clearance rates before and after legalization in Colorado in Washington.

They note, furthermore, that “there were no crime types in either state for which legalization appeared to have a negative impact on clearance rates. »