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Thursday July 5th, 2018 evening edition

image for The changing shape of wind and solar in Australia’s grid

Australia is currently experiencing an unprecedented boom in solar and wind energy investments, both in terms of capacity and dollars.

It will likely take the country to a 33 per cent share of renewables as early as 2020.

This is a product that simply seeks to manage the risk from variable solar output by providing price swaps.

It allows a solar plant to provide a customer with a firm price for a flat load.

These proxy revenue swaps also emerged in two deals done for another two solar farms in Victoria and Queensland.

The first stage of this project is being built now, combining 43MW of wind, 15MW of solar, and 4MWh of Tesla battery storage.

Tilt Renewables is another looking to combine wind and solar, as well as battery storage, based around its already completed Snowtown wind complex in South Australia. »

July 5 Is The Busiest Day of the Year for U.S. Animal Shelters

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Staff members and volunteers at animal shelters all across the country are also prepping for July 5, the busiest day of the year at many if not all shelters nationwide.

Humboldt County Animal Shelter Supervisor Sergeant Kym Thompson tells the Times-Standard that she and her staff are expecting this July 5 to be as busy as previous years.

In Kern County, California, Kern County Animal Control Spokesperson Maggie Kalar knows to expect an influx of lost animals into the shelter come Friday morning. »

Bank returns WWII veteran Richard Overton's funds after theft, cousin says

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AUSTIN -- The world's oldest living WWII veteran has had his funds returned after his cousin said his bank account was compromised.

Volma Overton, the cousin of 112-year-old Richard Overton, said Bank of America returned the funds and fully restored Richard's bank account.

Thieves compromise bank account of Richard Overton, Austinite and America’s oldest living vet. »