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Saturday June 30th, 2018 night edition

image for EU must 'prepare for worst-case scenarios' under Trump, top official warns

Senior officials concerned about the future under a new American doctrine in which there are ‘no friends, only enemies’.

Donald Trump has been accused by the European Union of pioneering a new American doctrine in which there are “no friends, only enemies”.

The European Council’s president, Donald Tusk, said the EU had to now prepare for the worst due to the policies of Trump’s White House.

Tusk is planning to engage in a discussion with the leaders of the 28 member states on Thursday.

There is also concern among British officials in Westminster over Trump’s foreign policy, particularly his impending meeting with the Russian president, Vladimir Putin.

A senior Kremlin aide said on Wednesday that a time and location for the summit had been agreed and would be announced on Thursday.

Trump called Juncker “brutal” during a recent G7 meeting, where the US president appeared determined to isolate himself from his western allies. »

When DreamWorks punished animators by making them work on ‘Shrek’

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“If you failed on ‘Prince of Egypt’ [a DreamWorks movie that later flopped], you were sent to the dungeons to work on ‘Shrek.’ ”.

Director Henry Selick (“The Nightmare Before Christmas”) gave “Shrek” a shot, but was replaced by two first-timers, Andrew Adamson and Vicky Jenson.

For the sequel, Katzenberg ponied up $10 million to each of the actors for a week’s worth of voice work. »

"Existential Isolation": Why Is it Higher Among Males?

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What I am basically saying is there is no , emotion, or action independent of a social component for humans.

Further, the reason males had more existential isolation than females was because women tended to value communal traits more highly.

As such, males feel existential isolation, because they accept social norms that impede their ability to truly connect with other people. »

Why forests are spreading in the rich world

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They are growing larger, both in the sense that they occupy more land and that the trees in them are bigger.

Forests are spreading in almost all Western countries, with the fastest growth in places that historically had rather few trees.

Now forests cover 11% of the land, and the government wants to push the proportion to 18% by the 2040s. »

Thieves emptied the bank account of America's oldest living veteran

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(CNN) Someone has stolen the identity of the oldest living veteran in America and emptied his bank account.

The family of 112-year-old Richard Overton said they don't know how a thief got Overton's social security and personal checking account numbers.

They discovered the issue Thursday when one of the World War II veteran's cousins made a deposit into his account. »