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Tuesday June 26th, 2018 day edition

image for FTC Won’t Be Neutral on Net Neutrality

Signals to ISPs it is on lookout for anti-competitive conduct.

WHY THIS MATTERS: The FTC wants it known that any ISPs looking to bend competition rules will do so at their risk.

He also put ISPs on notice that any anti-competitive conduct would draw the agency’s ire.

And, yes, the FCC did deed the FTC primary enforcement of network neutrality.

The FTC also has the authority to go after any anticompetitive conduct.

He said that if it turns out any broadband providers are engaging in anti-competitive conduct, “we will be all over it.”.

The FTC would “love to hear” from anyone who thought ISPs were doing anything “problematic” from an antitrust standpoint, he added. »

Turkey election: Erdogan win ushers in new presidential era

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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is taking on extensive new executive powers following his outright election victory in Sunday's poll.

Defeated opposition candidate Muharrem Ince said Turkey was now entering a dangerous period of "one-man rule".

In his victory speech on Monday morning, Mr Erdogan vowed to bring in the new presidential system "rapidly". »

French find “Ratatouille” ever so palatable

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Its Aug. 1 premiere in France drew the fourth-highest opening-day attendance in French movie history.

Reviewers, viewers and even the country’s top chefs are gushing over the movie’s technical accuracy and attention to culinary detail.

“I really liked the way the film managed to mock French chefs by using a rat,” said TV chef Lignac. »

Growing supply of marijuana in Colorado leads to lower prices

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It's the first time the price has fallen below $1,000 per pound since recreational marijuana was legalized in 2014.

At the start of 2018, the average price of marijuana bud was $1,265 per pound.

Steve Ackerman, who owns Fort Collins dispensary Organic Alternatives, attributes the sharp fall in price to simple supply and demand. »