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Tuesday June 19th, 2018 day edition

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Yesterday, as I was browsing Facebook, I saw a picture stating that “The average person walks past a murder 36 times in their life.”

How many murderers will an average person walk past in their life?.

In reality, the truth is unlikely to be that easy, but there’s also very little data on the topic otherwise.

The average murderer only kills one person – Dr. Mike Aamodt at Radford University has compiled a dataset on the basic statistics of serial killers.

Out of 78.74 years, let’s say that the average person is ambulatory and social for 75 of them.

By calculating the distributed average, we find that (20% * 1) + (20% * 100) + (60% * 10) = 26.2 new people per day.

At 26.2 new people per day, the average American meets 717,225 people throughout their lives, of which 10.76 are likely to be unapprehended murderers. »

Canada's House of Commons votes to legalize marijuana

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The House of Commons voted 205-82 to accept some of the Senate’s proposed amendments on the bill, sending the bill back to the upper chamber for continued debate and a final decision.

The bill would lift a 95-year-old ban on recreational marijuana and sets the government up to regulate production, possession and sale of marijuana to Canadians over the age of 18.

The House of Commons turned down some of the Senate's proposed amendments, including a ban on pot producers selling branded merchandise and giving provinces the power to ban homegrown marijuana, according to CTV News. »

Senate rejects Trump’s rescue of Chinese firm ZTE

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| Getty Senate rejects Trump’s rescue of Chinese firm ZTE.

The Senate voted Monday to reimpose the U.S. ban on Chinese telecom giant ZTE, in a rebuke to President Donald Trump and his efforts to keep the company in business.

The provision targeting ZTE was part of the National Defense Authorization Act, a must-pass defense spending bill that cleared the Senate by a vote of 85-10. »

UV: Mysterious wolf-like creature killed in Montana ID'd through DNA test

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The Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks (FWP) revealed the identity of the mysterious wolf-like creature that was shot dead in the state last month.

“The lab compared the animal’s DNA with thousands of other DNA samples from wolves, coyotes and dogs.

Montana FWP officials initially weren’t certain what the creature was when a rancher fatally shot it on his property. »