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Wednesday June 13rd, 2018 evening edition

image for Donald Trump has agreed to lift sanctions on North Korea, claims nation’s state media

Donald Trump agreed to lift sanctions against North Korea along with providing it with security guarantees, the nation’s state news agency has claimed.

On Tuesday, while Mr Trump had indicated he wanted to end “very provocative” war games, he said that sanctions would remain in place to exert “tremendous pressure”.

The Wall Street Journal said the North Korean report quoted Mr Trump as crediting Mr Kim’s “proactive peace-loving measures” for having created the atmosphere of peace this year.

It also suggested Mr Trump had adopted North Korea’s preferred phased approach towards any denuclearisation process, saying the two men had agreed to the “principle of step-by-step and simultaneous action”.

KCNA said Mr Trump also expressed his intention to offer security guarantees to North Korea and lift sanctions “over a period of good-will dialogue” between the two countries.

On Tuesday, Mr Trump had been asked about whether he planned to lift sanctions against Pyongyang.

Mr Trump was also criticised for failing to make human rights in North Korea a central part of his negotiations. »

The Reichstag Dome – A Sculpture of Light Above Government in Berlin, Germany

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On June 29, 1884 the first foundation stone for the building was laid southeast of the meander of the Spree.

After it opened in 1894, the Reichstag building housed the Parliament of Germany until 1933, when it was severely damaged in a fire.

During World War II, the Reichstag building suffered heavy damage in bombing raids and the fight to take the building continued until the very end. »

FACT CHECK: Do Opossums Kill Ticks, Inhibit the Spread of Lyme Disease?

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Opossums kill thousands of ticks each week, inhibiting the spread of Lyme Disease to humans.

Some data indicate opossums eat thousands of deer ticks per season, reducing the number that can go on to spread Lyme Disease to humans.

How much of an impact opossums' eating ticks has on Lyme Disease infection rates is indeterminate. »