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Monday June 4th, 2018 evening edition

image for The World Is Dangerously Lowballing The Economic Cost Of Climate Change, Study Finds

By relying on inaccurate economic models, the organization is misleading policymakers around the world about the risks of climate change, according to the researchers at the Environmental Defense Fund, Harvard University and the London School of Economics who co-authored the paper.

Current estimates for how much climate change will cost take different forms.

Other projections are more broad, putting the worldwide figure at $535 trillion by the end of this century.

“It’s difficult to quantify that,” said study co-author Thomas Stoerk, an economist at the Environmental Defense Fund, when asked to give his own estimate.

• These forecasts are based on an average of all possible climate change scenarios, even though newer models account for the increased likelihood of more warming.

“There are some models out there that quantify how much the uncertainty itself ― not knowing what’s going to happen ― drives economic estimates.”.

Climate-fueled natural disasters caused $330 billion in losses from uninsured damages just last year, according to a report from the world’s biggest reinsurer. »

After 4 years, Indiana embraces text-to-911 in emergencies

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INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Emergency response officials say residents in all 92 Indiana counties can now send text-to-911 messages during emergencies if they're unable to speak to dispatchers.

He says Indiana began adopting text-to-911 four years ago and the service is now exceeding expectations statewide.

He says Indiana is the only state where 911 operators can initiate texts after receiving a disconnected or dropped 911 call. »

The Xbox One will reportedly soon support Alexa and Google Assistant

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Microsoft’s Xbox One console will soon include support for both Amazon’s Alexa digital assistant and the Google Assistant.

Windows Central reports that future versions of the Xbox One dashboard include the ability to enable Alexa and Google Assistant support through a skill on both platforms.

The expansion to Alexa and Google Assistant support could mean Xbox users will be able to control their console through both of the digital assistants. »

TIL of the International Fixed Calendar which has 13 months with 28 days each. Making every month perfectly divisible into 4 weeks and always starting on a Sunday and ending on a Saturday.

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He created the International Fixed Calendar to solve common problems caused by the traditional Gregorian Calendar:.

The International Fixed Calendar uses the same year numbering and number of weekdays as the Gregorian Calendar.

International Fixed Calendar Leap Years work similarly to Gregorian Leap Years: every 4th year, except in years that are divisible by 100 but not divisible by 400. »