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Tuesday May 15th, 2018 day edition

image for Death of black man during arrest in Louisiana ruled homicide

(CNN) The death of a 22-year-old African-American man shortly after a struggle with police last week has been ruled a homicide, authorities in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana said Monday.

Cvitanovich said the findings are consistent with compressional asphyxia, which will likely be cause of death at the end of the process.

The four detectives involved in the incident are white, said Sheriff Joseph P. Lopinto, who declined to release their names at this point.

Gaylor Spiller, president of the West Jefferson Parish NAACP branch, said Robinson's family is also seeking a second independent autopsy.

"I like the fact that Sheriff Lopinto stepped up to plate, and he's doing his part," Spiller said, according CNN affiliate WDSU.

Undercover detectives assigned to the case tracked Robinson down at a local gas station and tried to arrest him, according to Rivarde.

"We are hoping for a thorough investigation, an arrest and prosecution of those that caused his death unjustifiably," she said. »

Trans fats: WHO calls for elimination in foods by 2023

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Artificial trans fats, or trans fatty acids , are made when vegetable oil hardens in a process called hydrogenation.

In South Asian countries, they have very, very high risk of heart disease and high intakes of trans fats," Branca said.

Instead, they find another form of saturated fat or a fat that has the properties of saturated fat," he said. »

All major U.S. carriers give your real-time location info to third parties

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Recently, it was discovered that all four of the major United States carriers provide your real-time location info to third-parties thanks to a loophole in the Electronic Communications Privacy Act.

Securus obtains this location info from AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon, but it does so through a middle-man called "LocationSmart.".

In other words, carriers are letting LocationSmart have your real-time location information so it can then share it with other third-parties. »