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Monday May 14th, 2018 morning edition

image for Wildlife poachers in Kenya 'to face death penalty'

Wildlife poachers in Kenya will face the death penalty, the country’s tourism and wildlife minister has reportedly announced.

So in an effort to conserve Kenya’s wildlife populations, poachers will reportedly face capital punishment once the new law is passed.

Kenya is home to a wide variety of treasured species in national parks and reserves, including lions, black rhinos, ostriches, hippos, buffalos, giraffe and zebra.

The move could put Kenya in conflict with the UN, which opposes the death penalty for all crimes worldwide.

Kenya’s tourism chiefs say poaching has been on a downward trend largely thanks to enhanced wildlife law-enforcement efforts and investment in conservation.

The Independent has contacted the Kenya Wildlife Service to confirm Mr Balala’s plans and is awaiting a response.

While Kenya was a global leader in conservation, there arestill many species across the planet that faced a similar plight, he said. »

Dan Snyder Killed Some Trees, And A Park Ranger Paid The Price

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Snyder tried to offer a $25,000 "cash contribution" to the park in return for a permit to clear the trees, but he was rebuffed.

No one, however, had sought the permission of Montgomery County, Maryland, which had joint custody of the C&O Canal land.

All because Dan Snyder decided he didn't like having to look at some stupid trees. »

Libations And The Ancient History Of Pouring One Out

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Funny thing is, it isn’t much different from the way they did it in ancient times.

And, of course, libation was an integral ceremony in Ancient Greece (they were generally pretty big fans of ritual).

Maybe it’s just that sharing a drink—wine, water, or malt liquor—with the departed that makes them feel that much closer. »

Kansas cheerleaders say they were blindfolded, stripped naked and told they were ugly in hazing ritual

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Kansas University cheerleaders say they were blindfolded, stripped naked and berated in a hazing ritual last year.

The hazing event, which was allegedly run by senior members of the team and three alumni, then saw the women put into boxes - and one put in a washing machine.

When they were naked, their blindfolds were put back on and they were moved to another room in the house. »

We Have ‘Eyes In The Back Of The Head,’ Study Shows

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A team of Japanese scientists used a visual search experiment to prove humans have the ability to perceive things beyond the limits of the visual field.

“Spatial representation surrounding a viewer including outside the visual field is crucial for moving around the three-dimensional world.

This study, Japanese researchers claim, is important because it reveals the brain function which links perception and movement. »