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Thursday May 10th, 2018 evening edition

image for Can antibiotics impair babies' vaccine response? – News

Antibiotic exposure in infants could impair their responses to five important routine vaccines administered daily around the world, new research has found.

“We have showed that the bacteria in the gut (the microbiome) are important in shaping the strength of the infant immune system,” Associate Professor Lynn says.

Vaccinations come second only to clean water as the most effective frontline strategies available for preventing infectious diseases.

However, Associate Professor Lynn says the findings support the need to strengthen and repair the healthy gut bugs by replacing them with transplants, prebiotics and probiotics, in food and suitable medications.

In mice, restoring a healthy gut microbiome after antibiotic exposure rescued the impaired vaccine responses.

EMBL Australia offers powerful new enabling tools such as bioinformatics and systems biology in Australia life science research projects, infrastructure and training programs.

“Antibiotic stewardship is clearly of great value, especially in the neonatal setting,” he says. »

Costa Rica's New President Leads The Way With Fossil Fuel Ban

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"We have the titanic and beautiful task of abolishing the use of fossil fuels," said newly elected President Carlos Alvarado.

Costa Rica's newly elected President Carlos Alvarado has announced a nationwide ban on fossil fuels, part of his ambitious plans to create a decarbonized society.

Through a checklist of counter-climate change strategies, the 2016 Paris Agreement aims to prevent Earth from heating up by two degrees Celsius. »

David Goodall ends his life at 104 through voluntary euthanasia

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Australia's oldest scientist David Goodall has taken his final journey to the strains of Beethoven's last symphony and surrounded by family in Switzerland.

He was accompanied to the Basel clinic of Swiss assisted-dying organisation Life Circle by Dr Philip Nitschke, founder of Australian right-to-die group Exit International.

READ MORE Hours from ending his life, David Goodall says he wanted to die in Australia. »

Hoffman's Dream Meeting With Miles Davis

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Movie star Philip Seymour Hoffman was once starstruck when he found jazz legend MILES DAVIS swimming in the pool where he was a lifeguard.

The COLD MOUNTAIN star played it cool and pretended he didn't know who the mysterious man was and his indifference earned him an afternoon chat he'll never forget.

"Somebody told me that Miles Davis lived there and so Miles Davis walked in and I didn't want to make him feel uncomfortable so I pretended I didn't know him. »