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Monday May 7th, 2018 night edition

image for Ontario woman arrested, jailed in U.S. for driving with a Canadian licence

An Ontario woman is looking for an apology from the Georgia police officer who arrested, handcuffed and charged her because she was driving with a Canadian licence.

About a month ago, the 27-year-old was driving through Georgia to Tennessee, where she had just completed a master's degree in geology.

Nield handed over her Ontario driver's licence, but wasn't prepared for the officer's reaction.

I just kept saying this can't be right — a Canadian licence is always valid.".

I just kept saying this can't be right — a Canadian licence is always valid.

"She told me that I have just been arrested for driving without a licence and that I needed to go to jail.".

At the police station Nield was charged with driving without a licence and speeding, for doing 87 m.p.h. in a 70 m.p.h. zone. »

Cord Cutting Is The Obvious Result Of A 70% Spike In Cable TV Prices Since 2000

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So for anybody paying attention, the fact that cord cutting is expected to set records in 2018 shouldn't be particularly surprising.

And it's equally unsurprising that a recent study by Kagan highlights how soaring cable TV prices are contributing to the cord cutting trend.

The firm was quick to note how the average cable bill has increased in price by 74% since 2000, even adjusted for inflation. »

96-Minute CPR Marathon Saves Minnesota Man's Life

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"If he had not had CPR, and good CPR, he would not have survived," White said.

Howard Snitzer, 54, was heading to buy groceries at Don's Foods, when he crumpled to the sidewalk, suffering a massive heart attack.

Across the street, Roy and Al Lodermeier, of Roy and Al's Auto Service, heard the commotion and hurried over. »

Abundance of impacted forest patches less than 5 km 2 is a key driver of the incidence of malaria in Amazonian Brazil

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Furthermore, deforestation increases the risk and incidence of malaria, representing a considerable impact on malaria epidemiology.

There is a positive correlation between modifications in the natural environment of the Amazon tropical forest and the number of malaria cases.

Our results verified that malaria increases along with deforestation, following the seasonality of the Amazon, driven by the rainfall regime. »