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Thursday May 3rd, 2018 night edition

image for Is the Christian Right Driving Americans Away From Religion?

New research finds that, when evangelical organizations raise their profile by sponsoring a high-profile political campaign, a backlash ensues.

It reports the rate at which people disassociate themselves from religion is higher in states where the Christian right exerts its political muscle.

"Religious attachments fade in the face of visible Christian right policy victories," writes a research team led by Denison University political scientist Paul Djupe.

In the journal Political Research Quarterly, Djupe and his colleagues analyze the intersection of personal faith and religion-driven politics on a state-by-state basis.

To determine why, the researchers measured the political clout of Christian right organizations in each state (utilizing the expertise of journalists and scholars).

Rather, that deeply personal shift can be driven by reactions to "specific policy skirmishes that gather public attention and shape decision-making.".

The results suggest evangelicals would be wise to consider the consequences of their political advocacy. »

Table Tennis: Koreas form unified team at world championships

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The decision to form a unified team was a tripartite agreement between the leaders of the North and South Korean Table Tennis teams and the ITTF.

South Korean and North Korean teams pose after deciding to form a unified Korean team for the upcoming semi-finals at the World Team Table Tennis Championships 2018, at Halmstad Arena in Halmstad, Sweden May 3, 2018.

The move follows the North and South Korean leaders’ pledge to work for “complete denuclearization” of the Korean peninsula last week. »

Pakistan province tells Red Bull and its rivals to drop 'energy' tag

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Pakistan’s most populous province has ordered energy-drink manufacturers including Red Bull to remove the word “energy” from their labels, saying it is scientifically misleading and encourages a population unaware of the beverages’ contents to guzzle them in potentially dangerous quantities.

According to the scientific advisory panel of the Punjab Food Authority (PFA), a regulatory body overseeing the province of 110 million people, the word is a misnomer.

“In TV commercials [drinkers] throw huge tires, they keep running and running,” the PFA’s director, Noorul Amin Mengal, told the Guardian. »

Conan O'Brien's TBS Late-Night Show Reduced to Half-Hour in 2019

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Additionally, TBS is expanding its partnership with O'Brien's Team Coco and has unveiled plans to expand its touring and online efforts connected to the long-running late-night series.

Additionally, as O'Brien celebrates 25 years on late-night TV (with eight of them at TBS), Team Coco will partner with NBC and TBS to put the host's entire Late Night With Conan O'Brien and Conan catalog online.

The shift comes more than a year after rumors surfaced that TBS was plotting to reduce Conan to a weekly format. »