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Wednesday April 18th, 2018 night edition

image for The undercover author who discovered Amazon warehouse workers were peeing in bottles tells us the culture was like a prison

Working in an Amazon warehouse is like prison, according to an author who went undercover at a fulfilment centre and found staff were peeing in bottles because they had no time to go to the toilet.

James Bloodworth investigated casual work and its impact on people's lives for his book "Hired: Six Months in Low-Wage Britain."

Bloodworth spent just under a month in 2016 working as a "picker" at an Amazon fulfilment centre in Rugeley, in central England.

Amazon staff had to meet productivity targets which, according to Bloodworth, were only feasible if you ran around the warehouse — something Amazon didn't allow for health and safety reasons.

"You have to go through security when you leave the warehouse, and that adds five minutes.

Bloodworth's claims that Amazon workers were so rushed that they had to pee in bottles caused outrage on social media sites such as Twitter and Reddit on Monday.

Amazon said it doesn't time warehouse workers' toilet breaks and that it ensures people can reach the bathrooms easily. »

House punishes Memphis for removing Confederate statues with $250,000 budget cut

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CLOSE The statue of Confederate President Jefferson Davis at Fourth Bluff Park in downtown Memphis was taken down Wednesday, Dec. 21.

The city of Memphis sold two public parks containing Confederate monuments to a nonprofit Wednesday in a massive, months-in-the-planning operation to take the statues down overnight.

House lawmakers on Tuesday approved a last-minute amendment to remove $250,000 allocated to the city of Memphis as punishment for the removal of Confederate monuments. »

Al Gore: 'Consider me exhibit A' for why each vote matters

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Al Gore: 'Consider me exhibit A' for why each vote matters.

Former Vice President Al Gore introduced himself to Florida millennials on Tuesday, telling them that his near miss in the 2000 presidential election is “exhibit A” for why it’s so important to vote.

Donald Trump, whom Gore referred to as “her opponent,” would take America “toward a climate catastrophe,” he said. »

Tammie Jo Shults: Pilot of Southwest flight is U.S. Navy vereran

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Tammie Jo Shults was at the controls of the Dallas-bound Flight 1380 when it made an emergency landing in Philadelphia, said her husband, Dean Shults.

The pilot took the plane into a rapid descent as passengers using oxygen masks that dropped from the ceiling braced for impact.

Shults' brother-in-law, Gary Shults, said her husband also is a Southwest pilot and told him she had made the emergency landing. »