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Thursday April 12nd, 2018 morning edition

image for 'Pawn Star' Rick Harrison On His 'Deals And Steals'

Two years ago, a man walked into the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas with a pair of diamond earrings.

Harrison, a second-generation pawn shop owner, is one of the stars of The History Channel's reality series Pawn Stars.

Pawn shops, Harrison says, have been around for thousands of years and are among the oldest forms of banking.

You have 120 days to come back in my pawn shop and pick up your merchandise and pay me my money back.".

Sometimes after fights, he says, fans line up down the block around his store waiting to trade in their jewelry for cash.

"When you get arrested for pandering, they take your cash — because the cash was obtained illegally — but they don't take away your jewelry," Harrison explains.

"I think it's 20 percent of the adult population in the United States that does not have a bank account. »

Argentinian officers fired after claiming mice ate half a ton of missing marijuana

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Eight police officers claimed mice ate the cannabis, but forensic experts explained that mice would not mistake the drug for food.

Eight Argentinian police officers have been dismissed after claiming that more than half a ton of marijuana which disappeared from a police warehouse had been eaten by mice.

But forensic experts told the court they doubted even a large number of rodents could have eaten so much marijuana. »

JRR Tolkien's first Middle Earth story, The Fall of Gondolin, to be published

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JRR Tolkien's The Fall of Gondolin, which the author described as "the first real story" set in Middle-earth, is to be published as a stand-alone book for the first time.

The Fall of Gondolin is the second "new" work to be edited and released by Tolkien's son Christopher Tolkien in two years.

The only Middle-earth-based novels to be published by JRR Tolkien in his lifetime were The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogy. »

Mark Zuckerberg has been apologizing for reckless privacy violations since he was a freshman

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Fifteen years and many billions of dollars later, Zuckerberg is one of the wealthiest and most powerful people in the world.

And he again finds himself hauled before a disciplinary body, this time the United States Congress, in order to once again apologize for reckless conduct and cavalier violations of privacy.

And odds are that, once again, he will not face any concrete consequences beyond a solemn promise to do better. »

Educators fired after mocking autistic student in audio recording

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Educators fired after mocking autistic student in audio recording.

BATON ROUGE- A Hope Academy school employee was fired and another will be terminated when school lets out for the summer after an audio recording captured them saying inappropriate things about a special needs student.

At least two adults in a classroom identified as a teacher and a teacher's aide are heard saying horrible things to the student and talking about him. »