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Tuesday April 10th, 2018 evening edition

image for Relative of kidney recipient calls Humboldt Broncos player Logan Boulet a hero

And one Twitter user called Boulet a hero, noting one of his kidneys went to her aunt.

“Thank you to Logan Boulet and his family for the gift of organ donation.

Boulet, a 21-year-old defenceman from Lethbridge, was among the 15 people killed in a horrific crash involving the junior hockey team in Saskatchewan.

Fourteen others were injured when the team’s bus and a transport truck collided Friday in a tragedy that has reverberated around the world.

Boulet’s cousin Julie Kindt said on Facebook that Boulet had been on life support until his organs could be donated.

Neil Langevin said six people were set to receive the “gift of life” from Boulet, and his other organs would be donated to science.

Never thought a junior hockey player in Saskatchewan named Logan Boulet would motivate me to finally become an organ donor. »

Leonardo da Vinci Hid Invisible Drawings in His Sketches. Now High-Tech Scanners Have Brought Them to Light

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But if you think that “Leonardo da Vinci: A Life in Drawing,” as the show is called, is just a Renaissance man greatest hits tour, think again.

Infrared light is used to show hidden drawings and alternative versions of Leonado’s sketches.

“Leonardo da Vinci: A Life in Drawing” will run from February 1 through May 6, 2019 at various museums in the UK. »

Alzheimer's gene neutralised in human brain cells for the first time

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A team in California successfully identified the protein associated with the high-risk apoE4 gene and then managed to prevent it damaging human neuron cells.

Having one copy of the apoE4 gene more than doubles a person’s likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s disease, whereas having two copies increases the risk 12-fold.

In human neurons, misshapen apoE4 protein cannot function properly and is broken down into disease-causing fragments in the cells. »

Mueller looking into $150K payment Ukrainian magnate made for Trump appearance: report

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The payment came after Trump spoke through a video link to a conference in Kiev, according to the Times.

Mueller subpoenaed the Trump Organization for documents last month as part of his ongoing probe into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

The search warrants were obtained by federal prosecutors in Manhattan after they received a referral "in part" from Mueller. »

A Game Of Thrones Season 8 Battle Took 55 Nights To Shoot

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In a since-deleted blog post, producer Jonathan Quinlan thanked the Game of Thrones production crew for their work on a shoot that took an incredible 55 consecutive nights to complete.

Watchers on the Wall grabbed a screenshot of the Instagram post before it was deleted, and the full text can be seen below.

There are six episodes in all, which doesn't sound like many, but remember that they might all be as long as movies. »