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Monday April 9th, 2018 night edition

image for 'We know where your kids live': Trump's new national security adviser reportedly made an implicit threat against the family of a retired Brazilian diplomat in 2002

Former United Nations ambassador and newly designated national security adviser John Bolton reportedly made an implicit threat to a former Brazilian diplomat during the lead-up to the Iraq War in 2002.

"We know where your kids live," he is said to have told the diplomat.

Bolton and the US at the time had been opposed to the diplomat's negotiations with Iraq and Libya.

Former United Nations ambassador John Bolton, whom President Donald Trump just named his national security adviser, reportedly made a bewildering threat against a former Brazilian diplomat who was butting heads with the US on Iraq back in 2002, according to The Intercept.

"We can't accept your management style," Bolton told Bustani in 2002, as Bustani recounted to The Intercept.

After a pause, Bolton reportedly said, "We know where your kids live.

Bustani told his family about the encounter, and his son-in-law, British politician Stewart Wood, said the incident stuck out in his memory. »

For every $1 the US put into adding renewable energy last year, China put in $3

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China, the world’s largest emitter of greenhouse gases, is determined to rebalance its energy mix, and incorporate more clean energy.

That determination is reflected in the money it put into renewable energy last year, dwarfing spending by the next biggest investor, the US.

China first overtook the US in new renewable energy investment in 2009 (p.14), but the gap between the two only amounted to $14 billion at that time. »

Shell predicted dangers of climate change in 1980s and knew fossil fuel industry was responsible

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They also predict that changes to sea levels and weather would be “larger than any that have occurred over the past 12,000 years”.

As a result, the documents foresee impacts on living standards, food supplies and other major social, political and economic consequences.

They have since been published on the Climate Files website, which is sponsored by environmental activist organisation the Climate Investigations Centre. »

LSD causes congenitally blind man to experience synesthesia-like hallucinations

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The new case study is the first qualitative account of LSD use in a congenitally blind person to be published in a scientific journal.

LSD never caused him to experience visual hallucinations, but he said that using psychedelic drugs amplified his experience of sound, touch and smell.

The case report, “Synesthetic hallucinations induced by psychedelic drugs in a congenitally blind man“, was authored by Sara Dell’Erba, David J.Brown and Michael J.Proulx. »