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Friday March 30th, 2018 morning edition

image for Breaking: Trump announces US troops to withdraw from Syria soon

BEIRUT, LEBANON (9:50 P.M.) – During his afternoon speech in Richfield, Ohio, U.S. President Donald Trump announced that the U.S. Armed Forces in Syria will be withdrawing soon.

“We’re coming out of Syria very soon.

Let the other people take care of it now,” Trump told the crowd.

Citing the defeat of ISIS, Trump claimed that the U.S. troops can officially withdraw, as their task has been nearly completed.

“We’re going to have 100% of the caliphate, as they call it —sometimes referred to as land.

We’re taking it all back,” Trump added.

No date has been officially announced for the U.S.’ departure from Syria. »

ACLU urges cities to build public broadband to protect net neutrality

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The ACLU is calling on cities across the country to build their own public municipal broadband networks to help preserve net neutrality after the Federal Communications Commission repealed the open internet rules.

Democratic governors and legislatures across the country have responded to the repeal by implementing their own state net neutrality protections.

Still, the ACLU argues that municipal networks are one of the few courses remaining for local leaders who believe in net neutrality. »

Yulia Skripal is 'improving rapidly and no longer in critical condition' after Salisbury nerve agent attack

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Yulia Skripal is no longer in a critical condition and is “improving rapidly” following a nerve agent attack in Salisbury.

While Ms Skripal is “improving rapidly” in hospital, her 66-year-old father remains in a critical condition in intensive care.

Dr Christine Blanshard, the medical director for Salisbury District Hospital, said: “I’m pleased to be able to report an improvement in the condition of Ms Skripal. »

Undercover Detroit police attempt to arrest each other in 'embarassing' drug bust

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Nov. 15 (UPI) -- A group of undercover Detroit police posing as drug dealers tried to arrest another group of undercover police posing as drug buyers in a mishap that resulted in a brawl between more than two dozen armed officers.

The incident occurred on Nov. 9 when two officers from Detroit's 12th Precinct were posing as drug dealers in order to arrest buyers, according to WJBK-TV.

Two buyers did arrive to the drug house, but they were undercover police officers from Detroit's 11th district. »

Leaked memo shows EPA told employees to lie about climate science

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A leaked memo reveals that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sent employees a list of talking points on Tuesday instructing them to cast doubt on the scientific consensus about climate change.

The internal EPA memo, which was obtained by Huff Post, includes a set of eight “approved talking points” sent to EPA staffers by the agency’s Office of Public Affairs.

The leaked memo represents an escalation of EPA Director Scott Pruitt’s war on science, indicating that his anti-science views are about to become part of official EPA communications. »