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Sunday March 25th, 2018 night edition

image for The NRA Quadrupled Its Digital Ad Budget After Parkland Killings, Flooding Facebook and YouTube

But it’s apparently been preparing for this moment by trying to dominate the digital airwaves over the past few weeks.

The Tribune reported that in the 24-day period preceding the mass killing at Parkland, digital ad data company Pathmatics estimates the NRA spent about $11,300 a day—and that daily total more than quadrupled to $47,300 during the 24-day period following its obligatory period of mourning.

The NRA didn’t change its rhetoric or avenue of approach, the paper reported, but it did spend so much money that its ads began flooding the web, particularly Facebook and YouTube:.

... For the past year, the NRA had been ranked No. 706 by Pathmatics on its list of top YouTube video advertisers.

“It suggests that they’re buying ad time based off of presumed reach as opposed to audience,” he said.

In any case, if you’ve been seeing a lot of NRA propaganda flood your Facebook timeline or YouTube pre-roll ads lately, this is why.

It and other tech giants like Apple and Amazon are also increasingly under pressure to boot the NRA’s TV channel. »

Can Meditation Make Us Nicer?

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The treatment for this problem is meditation, which can give us distance from and hence reduce our cravings and other negative emotions.

Meditation not only makes us happier, Wright says, it also makes us nicer, less selfish, more considerate of others.

Today, many U.S. soldiers are taught mindfulness meditation, which presumably will help them feel better about carrying out violent U.S. policies. »

France terror attack: Hero policeman married hours before he died

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The 44-year-old officer died in hospital from his injuries after being shot three times by radical Islamist Redouane Lakdim in Trebes, southwest France.

It has emerged that hours before his death Lt Col Beltrame married his partner Marielle in a ceremony at a hospital in Carcassonne.

Police have detained a 17-year-old boy, who was allegedly a friend of Lakdim, in connection with the terror attack. »

Canada wants clearer warnings on junk food. The US is using NAFTA to stop them.

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It’s now on the cusp of becoming the first high-income country to adopt a similar warning system.

But these new approaches in Mexico and Canada may never see the light of day if the American trade representatives get their way.

Welcome to the opaque — and somewhat surprising — intersection of obesity and the North American Free Trade Agreement renegotiation. »