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Wednesday March 21st, 2018 evening edition

image for Texas serial bombing suspect dead after blowing himself up inside car - police

Officers were waiting for tactical teams to arrive to arrest the suspect when his vehicle began to drive away, Mr Manley said.

Image: Austin Police chief Brian Manley said the suspect detonated an explosive in his vehicle.

One of the SWAT team members shot at the vehicle and a second officer was injured in the explosion.

Police said the suspect - who has not been formally identified - suffered "significant injuries" in the bomb blast.

US president Donald Trump, who had earlier branded the Texas bomber a "sick individual", praised law enforcement officials.

The suspect was identified in the last 24 hours after shipping an explosive device from a FedEx store in the Texas capital, the Austin Statesman reported.

Police then used mobile phone technology to trace the suspect to the hotel, according to reports. »

Man Wins $390,000 In Gender Discrimination Lawsuit After Female Colleague Gets Promotion He Was More Qualified For

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Ursula Zechner, who then headed the rail regulator Schienen-Control, was ultimately offered the job over the other two male applicants.

Franzmayr, whose application was rated 0.25 percent higher than Zechner's, sued for gender discrimination.

"I hope the current decision doesn't call into the question the principle of encouraging the promotion of women," she added. »

Purple Heart found at Goodwill prompts search for war hero's family

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MESA, Ariz., March 17 (UPI) -- An Arizona woman sought the family of a local war hero after finding a Purple Heart on sale for $4.99 at an area thrift store.

Deceased in nineteen ninety one," she wrote in a Facebook post on March 12.

Two days later a woman named Elaine Anderson wrote a post in the Facebook group Missouri Genealogy revealing that the case had been solved. »

WhatsApp co-founder tells everyone to delete Facebook

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In 2014, Facebook bought WhatsApp for $16 billion, making its co-founders — Jan Koum and Brian Acton — very wealthy men.

And he isn’t done merely with WhatsApp — in a post on Twitter today, Acton told his followers to delete Facebook.

Acton is not the first former Facebook executive to express unease about the company after leaving it. »