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Friday March 16th, 2018 morning edition

image for Mueller Subpoenas Trump Organization, Demanding Documents About Russia

There are few other publicly known examples of Mr. Mueller using subpoenas.

Mr. Mueller dropped the subpoena after Mr. Bannon agreed to be interviewed by investigators.

Mr. Mueller could run afoul of a line the president has warned him not to cross.

Among the Trump Organization’s holdings are golf clubs, hotels and licensing agreements for the use of the Trump name on properties and other products.

The Trump Organization is not publicly held, making it difficult to determine where it receives its money and invests it.

A revealing comment about Russia by Eric Trump, the president’s middle son, also drew scrutiny when it emerged last year.

At the same time, Mr. Trump is considering whether to bring on a new lawyer to help represent him in the special counsel’s investigation. »

Miami FIU pedestrian bridge collapses, people trapped beneath

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SHARE COPY LINK More Videos 25 Crews continue working on rescuing victims of the FIU bridge collapse Pause 45 Bystanders rush to the scene moments after FIU bridge collapse 50 Aerial footage captures aftermath of FIU bridge collapse 27 Doctors and nurses respond to FIU bridge collapse 35 Scene at FIU after bridge collapses on cars on SW 8th Street 30 Pedestrian bridge collapses over SW 8th St in front of FIU 44 FIU installs new pedestrian bridge over the Trail in a few hours 57 West Miami celebrates Easter and the city’s 70th anniversary 6 Video: FIU students displaced by apartment fire 5 Video circulating online shows moment FIU bridge collapses on SW 8th St. Video Link copy Embed Code copy.

Aerial footage shows the aftermath of the FIU pedestrian bridge collapsing on Southwest Eighth Street in Miami on March 15, 2018. »

In tribute of Stephen Hawking, EVE Online pilots are lighting beacons all across its galaxy

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But yesterday and today, the beacons are appearing all across space as tribute to Hawking and his achievements.

Thanks to a Reddit thread by 'kairiola,' pilots all across New Eden began lighting beacons at 22:00 UTC, with many staying lit for hours.

The image below is a heat map of New Eden showing the density of cynosural beacons, with massive colorations representing hundreds of lit beacons. »

Reddit holds the secret to fixing Facebook

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Reddit's system - where users upvote things they like, and downvote things they don't - is about as transparent as it gets on today's algorithm-dominated web.

You know which user posted it and when, and what the source of the information is.

You can choose to rank your own page accordingly - adding and subtracting topic pages, known as subreddits, to your pleasing. »