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Sunday March 11st, 2018 morning edition

image for SpaceX rocket launches are getting boring — and that's an incredible success story for Elon Musk

The pace of SpaceX launches has made them seem less and less remarkable — even boring — but that's a good thing.

Elon Musk seemed very happy after the maiden launch of SpaceX's Falcon Heavy, the world's most powerful operational rocket.

Perhaps Musk was tired, or he'd gotten the unabashed celebration out of his system beyond the sight of reporters.

Yet his space business — and in particular missions involving Falcon 9 rockets — is likely starting to feel routine for Musk.

It's even more remarkable to consider that SpaceX rocket launches will only get more and more routine and boring.

His aim: dramatically reducing the cost of sending people and cargo into space, and paving the way to the moon and Mars.

I look forward to seeing who emerges as the most capable — and boring — aerospace company of them all. »

Chicago’s WLUP Signs Off With Three Devilishly Rebellious Songs

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WLUP was founded in 1977, and drew national attention two years later with the infamous Disco Demolition Night.

After earning a spot as the city's third most popular station in 1979, WLUP slipped to 15th in the latest Nielsen survey for Chicago, with a 2.9 share.

You can listen to a streaming version of the station at , and show your support for the station by buying their official T-shirt . »

Another field drug test mistake sends woman to jail -- for months

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The mother of four -- who didn't break the law or do anything wrong -- sat in jail for five long, agonizing months.

The deputy pulled out a field drug test kit -- kits used by law enforcement all over the country to detect illegal drugs.

Despite all of that, law enforcement continues to use these faulty drug test kits and innocent people continue to pay the price. »

Banning literature in prisons perpetuates system that ignores inmate humanity

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COLUMN: It takes more than a decade to implement re-entry reform, leaving inmates and communities with limited options.

We read to understand and express ourselves, to connect with our humanity, and to understand our rights and learn better ways of protecting our constitutional freedoms.

Myesha Braden is the director of the Criminal Justice Project at the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law. »