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Wednesday March 7th, 2018 evening edition

image for Over 500 Canadian doctors protest raises, say they're being paid too much (yes, too much)

In Canada, more than 500 doctors and residents, as well as over 150 medical students, have signed a public letter protesting their own pay raises.

"We, Quebec doctors who believe in a strong public system, oppose the recent salary increases negotiated by our medical federations," the letter says.

The group say they are offended that they would receive raises when nurses and patients are struggling.

"The only thing that seems to be immune to the cuts is our remuneration," the letter says.

On average, a family physician is paid $211,717 ($275,000 Canadian) for clinical services and a surgical specialist is paid $354,915 ($461,000 Canadian), according to the same report.

The cost varies depending on whether a student is a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or foreign student and the particular school.

Remote Canadian general store offering jobs and free land got over 100,000 applications. »

Just in: John Williams leaves all his scores to Juilliard

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Just in: John Williams leaves all his scores to Juilliard.

NEW YORK –– The Juilliard School announced today that it has received a bequest from Academy Award-winning composer and conductor John Williams of his complete library of concert music and film music scores as well as his sketchbooks.

Acknowledging this gift, Juilliard President Joseph W. Polisi said, “We are deeply grateful to John for his extraordinary generosity in bequeathing Juilliard his extensive library of both concert and film scores. »

Monsanto concealed effects of toxic chemical for decades, Ohio AG alleges

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Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine sued agricultural giant Monsanto on Monday, alleging the company concealed dangers posed by a toxic chemical compound it manufactured for nearly a half century.

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine speaks during a news conference at the attorney general's office on May 31, 2017 in Columbus, Ohio.

The suit alleges that Monsanto learned of PCBs’ toxic effects in the 1930s, yet it kept producing the compound while concealing its effects. »

EU Raises Stakes for Trump by Aiming Levies at GOP Heartland

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The list of targeted U.S. goods -- including motorcycles, jeans and bourbon whiskey -- sends a political message to Washington about the potential domestic economic costs of making good on the president’s threat.

Paul Ryan, Republican speaker of the House of Representatives, comes from the same state -- Wisconsin -- where motorbike maker Harley-Davidson Inc. is based.

The EU Strikes Back Some 2.8 billion euros of U.S. goods are targeted in retaliatory tariff Source: European Commission. »