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Saturday February 3rd, 2018 morning edition

image for 3 Russian spy chiefs visited the US days before Trump decided against new sanctions on Russia

The State Department declined to comment on the specifics of visa cases and referred further questions to the Russian Embassy.

Naryshkin and Korobov are among several Russian officials barred from entering the US under existing sanctions.

Naryshkin's visit has raised questions from Democrats and other observers about why the spy chief was allowed to enter the US amid heightened tensions with Russia.

The visit also occurred before President Donald Trump's administration on Monday decided not to impose new sanctions on Russia for its election meddling.

The GRU was found to be the primary Russian intelligence agency responsible for interfering in the 2016 US election.

Heather Nauert, a State Department spokeswoman, said the law had already deterred Russian defense sales.

Carle said there were "legitimate, plausible reasons" the three Russian spy chiefs were admitted into the US, but that there were "political and other reasons why none of it may be acceptable.". »

Westworld season 2 trailer to debut during Super Bowl

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The premium network is preparing to reveal the first full trailer for Westworld season 2 during Super Bowl LII this Sunday, EW has learned.

Given the pricey Super Bowl placement and that Nolan created the ad himself, we have a suspicion this trailer is going to be pretty special.

And for those wanting to go way back, here is one of HBO’s previous Super Bowl ads (which is strong on 20th-century high-concept Super Bowl commercial nostalgia but utterly lacking in killer robots):. »

'Bill & Ted' Star Alex Winter Says He Was Sexually Abused as a Child Star

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'Bill & Ted' Star Alex Winter Says He Was Sexually Abused as a Child Star.

Alex Winter, the star of '80s hit Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure opposite Keanu Reeves, has admitted that he was sexually abused as a child star in the 1970s, and says he didn’t talk about it because he thought it was a “potentially dangerous secret.”.

“That was evident to me while I was still in my teens,” he said. »

Documentarian wipes out Warner’s $2M “Happy Birthday” copyright

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The result could undo Warner/Chappell's lucrative licensing business around the song, once estimated to be $2 million per year.

The lyrics of "Happy Birthday" are based on an earlier children's song called "Good Morning To You."

There's wide agreement that the Hill sisters sold "Good Morning To You," along with other songs, to Clayton Summy in 1893. »