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Sunday January 14th, 2018 evening edition

image for Trump Supporters Tried To Arrest London's Mayor. People Laughed At Them

In the mayor's own words, it was about "about how we cannot allow a populist, anti-feminist narrative to take hold in Britain.

They had decorated it with the emblem of a white dragon, and written on the top: "TAKE BACK CONTROL.

But an ITV reporter, among others, identified him as a leading member of the English Defense League, a well-known far-right organization.

He accused Khan of cooperating with terrorists and placing himself above the law, and said the mayor had no right to criticize Trump.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we are here today to make a peaceful, nonviolent citizen's arrest of those named," the man said.

"He said he had called the police before crashing the speech, and promised they would soon arrive to arrest the mayor.

One of his compatriots waved a water bottle aloft as they left.Khan stood up and resumed his speech. »

Legal marijuana cuts violence says US study, as medical-use laws see crime fall

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The Effect of Medical Marijuana Laws on US Crime, when a state on the Mexican border legalised medical use of the drug, violent crime fell by 13% on average.

Most of the marijuana consumed in the US originates in Mexico, where seven major cartels control the illicit drug trade.

But its publication comes as the US attorney general, Jeff Sessions, is rescinding the Obama-era policy that ushered in the medical marijuana laws. »

'Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3' To Be Released In 2020

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The fan-favorite director took to Twitter earlier this evening to have a Q&A session with fans and when asked about the third Guardians movie, Gunn tweeted that it would, in fact, be released in 2020.

Now with Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol.

Whatever the case, we now know for certain that Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. »

99% of These Sea Turtles Are Turning Female—Here’s Why

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You can't always tell a sea turtle's sex by looking, so researchers kicked off a "turtle rodeo."

Climate change, after all, has driven air and sea temperatures higher, which, in these creatures, favors female offspring.

But instead, they found female sea turtles from the Pacific Ocean's largest and most important green sea turtle rookery now outnumber males by at least 116 to 1. »