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Sunday January 14th, 2018 day edition

image for Legal marijuana cuts violence says US study, as medical-use laws see crime fall

The introduction of medical marijuana laws has led to a sharp reduction in violent crime in US states that border Mexico, according to new research.

The Effect of Medical Marijuana Laws on US Crime, when a state on the Mexican border legalised medical use of the drug, violent crime fell by 13% on average.

Most of the marijuana consumed in the US originates in Mexico, where seven major cartels control the illicit drug trade.

“These laws allow local farmers to grow marijuana that can then be sold to dispensaries where it is sold legally,” said the economist Evelina Gavrilova, one of the study’s authors.

“These growers are in direct competition with Mexican drug cartels that are smuggling the marijuana into the US.

But its publication comes as the US attorney general, Jeff Sessions, is rescinding the Obama-era policy that ushered in the medical marijuana laws.

Anecdotal evidence suggests the cartels are now trying to get into the legal marijuana business in California by opening their own farms. »

99% of These Sea Turtles Are Turning Female—Here’s Why

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You can't always tell a sea turtle's sex by looking, so researchers kicked off a "turtle rodeo."

Climate change, after all, has driven air and sea temperatures higher, which, in these creatures, favors female offspring.

But instead, they found female sea turtles from the Pacific Ocean's largest and most important green sea turtle rookery now outnumber males by at least 116 to 1. »

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Celebrates End of Chemo With "Beat It" Video

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The 'Veep' star's grown sons lip-sync to Michael Jackson's classic in a video she shared on Instagram.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus has marked the end of chemo by posting an Instagram video of her grown sons lip-syncing to Michael Jackson's "Beat It.".

The Veep star and Seinfeld alum said of Charlie and Henry, her two kids with Brad Hall: "Ain't they sweet?". »

After slowdown controversy, iPhone 6 Plus users must wait for batteries

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However, an Apple Store memo obtained by MacRumors suggests that owners of the iPhone 6 Plus in some regions (including the US) will have to wait until March or April to replace their batteries.

According to MacRumors' report, Apple believes its supply of batteries for these devices will not meet demand in the beginning of the year.

But if your iPhone 6 Plus is running slowly, you'll have to deal with it a little bit longer. »