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Tuesday November 21st, 2017 evening edition

image for Fox News Host Jeanine Pirro Gets Ticket for Speeding at 119 M.P.H.

Jeanine F. Pirro, the high-octane host of a Fox News Channel show, was given a summons on Sunday for driving 119 miles per hour in upstate New York, according to the State Police.

Ms. Pirro, a former Westchester County district attorney who now hosts the Fox News television show “Justice with Judge Jeanine,” said in a statement that she was unaware that she was going nearly double the speed limit of 65 miles an hour.

“I had been driving for hours to visit my ailing 89-year-old mom and didn’t realize how fast I was driving,” she said in the statement through a Fox News spokeswoman.

“I believe in the rule of law and I will pay the consequences.”.

Ms. Pirro, known as much for her conservative views as for the rapid-fire way in which she expresses them, has made reference to her tendency to drive quickly.

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It included Bentleys, several Mercedes, several more sport utility vehicles and a Ferrari 348 Spider that cost more than $120,000. »

Join the Battle for Net Neutrality

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Net neutrality is the principle that Internet providers like Comcast & Verizon should not control what we see and do online.

In 2015, startups, Internet freedom groups, and 3.7 million commenters won strong net neutrality rules from the US Federal Communication Commission (FCC).

But Net Neutrality predates Obama, has always been a design principle of the Internet, and does not need to be a partisan issue. »

Mysterious object confirmed to be from another solar system

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Astronomers are now certain that the mysterious object detected hurtling past our sun last month is indeed from another solar system.

The certainty of its interstellar origin comes from an analysis that shows its orbit is almost impossible to achieve from within our solar system.

Yet it still takes them about a decade to cross our solar system and disappear back into interstellar space. »

FCC plans total repeal of net neutrality rules

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FCC plans total repeal of net neutrality rules.

POLITICO technology reporter Margaret Harding McGill explains the net neutrality debate beginning with a very simple question: Who built the internet?.

Pai’s rollback of the net neutrality rules will top his list of deregulatory accomplishments since Trump appointed him chairman in January. »

High Incidence of PTSD Among Cancer Patients

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To these patients, seeking help for the emotional issues they face is akin to admitting weakness," Chan said in a statement.

"There needs to be greater awareness that there is nothing wrong with getting help to manage the emotional upheaval - particularly depression, anxiety, and PTSD - post-cancer.

In the study data presented to the FDA, it was shown to reduce PTSD by 68% after 6 months. »