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Tuesday October 10th, 2017 evening edition

image for OnePlus OxygenOS built-in analytics

Actually, you can disable it permanently: pm uninstall -k --user 0 pkg — Jakub Czekański (@JaCzekanski) October 10, 2017.

Amidst the traffic, I noticed requests to a domain which I’d not seen before, , and decided to examine them a little closer.

Obviously the top level domain belongs to the manufacturer of the device, but what’s with the open bit?

Well, not really - taking a closer look at the ID field, it seems familiar; this is my phone’s serial number.

Those are timestamp ranges (again, unix epoch in milliseconds) of the when I opened and closed applications on my phone.

@oneplus Why are you collecting timestamps of when I unlock my phone, and when the screen turns on/off?

Unfortunately, as a system service, there doesn’t appear to be any way of permanently disabling this data collection or removing this functionality without rooting the phone. »

Texas Tech police officer fatally shot in head by drug suspect; shooter in custody

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LUBBOCK, Texas — Police arrested a 19-year-old student accused of fatally shooting a Texas Tech University police officer at the campus police station Monday night.

Texas Tech is on lockdown after an Tech PD officer was shot and killed.

Texas Tech officials initially issued a lockdown alert to students on social media, urging those on campus “to take shelter in a safe location. »

DWTS: Frankie Muniz doesn't remember starring on 'Malcolm in the Middle'

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The show also included an interview with his former TV dad, Bryan Cranston, who marveled at how much Muniz has experienced in his life.

“Frankie was a TV star, then he became a race car driver, and a drummer in a rock band.

“Truth is, I don’t remember much [of my time on Malcolm]” said Muniz, whose girlfriend Paige keeps a daily diary for him. »

U.S. mail carriers emerge as heroes in Puerto Rico recovery

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Postal Service delivers the mail at an area damaged by Hurricane Maria in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

GUAYNABO, Puerto Rico (Reuters) - With the Puerto Rico power grid shredded by Hurricane Maria, the U.S.

Postal Service, delivers mail at an area affected by Hurricane Maria in the island of Vieques, Puerto Rico. »