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Thursday August 24th, 2017 evening edition

image for ExxonMobil: Oil and gas giant ‘misled’ the public about climate change, say Harvard experts

Fossil fuel giant ExxonMobil “misled the public” about the risks posed by climate change, an analysis of its public and private announcements on the subject by two Harvard University academics has concluded.

As late as 2008, the firm insisted industry guidelines on reducing emissions should not “imply a direct connection between greenhouse gas emissions from the oil and natural gas industry and the phenomenon commonly referred to as climate change”.

“In contrast, ExxonMobil’s advertorials in the NYT overwhelmingly emphasised only the uncertainties, promoting a narrative inconsistent with the views of most climate scientists, including ExxonMobil’s own.

“We conclude that ExxonMobil contributed to advancing climate science – by way of its scientists’ academic publications – but promoted doubt about it in advertorials.

The World Health Organisation has warned such pollution, much of which is from the fossil fuels that cause climate change, is a “public health emergency”.

The risk of climate change is, according to one of the world’s leading fossil fuel producers, “clear and the risk warrants action”.

The company has continuously, publicly and openly researched and discussed the risks of climate change, carbon life cycle analysis and emissions reductions.”. »

Harvard study: Exxon 'misled the public' on climate change for nearly 40 years

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The Harvard study could add to the controversy and legal scrutiny surrounding Exxon's (XOM) handling of climate change.

The study found that the more public-facing the Exxon communication, the more doubt it expressed about climate change.

Exxon is being investigated by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman over allegations it concealed the risk of climate change. »